August 9, 2022

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White Sox notes: Robert, Grandal, Boomer, Bullpen

White Sox notes: Robert, Grandal, Boomer, Bullpen

White Sox midfielder position Louis Robert On the injured list for 10 days due to blurred vision before tonight’s match with the Guardians. The placement is retroactive to July 19, which means he will first be eligible to return a week from now. He’s been dealing with vertigo for the past week, and the team will give him more time to resolve the issue.

It doesn’t seem to be a major concern, General Manager Rick Hahn told reporters (including Vinnie Dobber from CHGO SportsThe team was hoping to be back in a week. Even if he returns when he first becomes eligible, Chicago will have to go on a pivotal series without arguing their first player. Robert hits .301/.334/.461 with 12 home shots and 11 stolen bases across 323 board appearances.

In a similar move, Sox has restored support Yasmani Grandal from IL. Lower back spasms cost the Knockout Mask about five weeks. Now that he’s back to health, Grandal will be trying to move forward on the right track after suffering his worst two months in the league. He only holds a .185/.294/.237 streak through 201 board appearances, a shocking player drop of 0.240/.420/.520 last season.

In other injury news, Savior Aaron Bomer He told reporters this afternoon that he still has about three weeks to go back to the hill (via James Fegan athlete). Bomer, who has been out since the second week of June with mild fatigue, is hoping to return to the main club sometime in early September. This makes it a default lock that will be moved to the injured roster for 60 days whenever Chicago needs a 40-player roster, and his away return schedule will play a role in the team’s deadline approach.

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Hahn told reporters that in light of Boomer’s injury, the comfortable shot is “Perhaps the most obvious needfor his club (via ESPN’s Jesse Rogers). The Sox has invested heavily in Bullpen in recent seasons, signing Liam HendricksAnd the Kendall Grafman And the Joe Kelly to free multi-year dealer deals (plus an extended Bummer contract extension). However, they were the middle of the group this year, scoring 17th in the ERA (3.90) and 13th in the strike/walk rate difference (14.9 percentage points). Partly due to the injury, Bomer, Hendrix and Kelly all spent time on the injured list.

Chicago got solid work from both Hendriks and Graveman, as well as the previous initiator Rinaldo Lopez. Besides Kelly, that’s a formidable group of right-handed people, but Sox are back on that Tanner Banks Like the Upper South with Bummer on the shelf. Banks has a respectable 3.05 ERA by 38 1/3 rounds, but it generates only swing strikes with an 8.4% clip and has a strike rate of less than 20.9%.

The South seems like a logical target for Hahn and his staff for the next week and a half. The rival tigers of the group can do marketing Andrew Chavin, who is likely to reject his player’s option and reach a free agency at the end of the season. Detroit also has a strong throwing Gregory Soto, but it can be controlled until 2025, so Tigers likely won’t be keen to tackle it in the face of competition. Among the other candidates for the relief trade are left-handers Joe Manteble (D-appearance), Stephen Ockert And the Richard Blair (Marlins) and Matt Mor (notice). Angels Aaron Loeb He might also attract some attention, though, as he plays with a salary of $7.5 million both this season and next, as well as landed a $2 million buyout deal on the club’s 2024 option. That might make him a good fit for a Chicago team that runs a franchise payroll even If only Halos was willing to move him.

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