July 24, 2024

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Which cities in the world have the best quality of life?

Which cities in the world have the best quality of life?
Surveyed 1,000 major cities to measure quality of life (Getty Images)

A new study has analyzed 1000 largest cities of the worldEvaluating factors like Life expectancy, Personal income, Income equality, Household expenses, Access to entertainment and cultural sitesAnd Internet speed.

According to the report, cities North America, Western Europe And Oceania dominate Quality of life. This is index Not only does it measure quality of life, it also considers features economy, Human capital, environment And reignProvides a comprehensive view of urban strengths and weaknesses.

Accordingly Oxford Economics, “Quality of life includes the well-being and satisfaction of city dwellers,” and this factor significantly affects migration patterns, talent retention and the general happiness of people.

The list reflects not only the scores obtained on quality of life, but also takes into account others Four main areas: economy, human capital, environment and governance. This comprehensive approach allows for a broad and fair assessment of cities’ strengths and weaknesses.

The report evaluates factors such as life expectancy, income and cultural access (Oxford Economics).

As in 2023, the 1,000 largest cities represented 60% of global GDP and 30% of the world’s population, the 2024 index highlights the growing importance of cities. According to an Oxford Economics report, “cities will continue to increase in importance in the future”, highlighting the relevance of these urban areas to global development.

One of the most interesting aspects of the index is the variation within different continents. Although entire regions such as North America and Western Europe lead the ratings, there are significant differences within each region. Sub-Saharan African cities such as Port Louis in Mauritania are doing better than some of the weaker cities in Western Europe. It shows that there are many ways to quality of life.

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GrenobleKnown as the capital of the Alps, Oxford has been ranked as the best city by Economy’s Global Cities Index. Quality of life In 2024. The decision is based on six key indicators, valuing everything from the life expectancy of its citizens to speed. Website.

Indexing and analyzing the Oxford Economy’s quality of life is essential in a world where the urban environment plays an increasingly important role. Factors like Life expectancyHe Personal income And this Income equality They not only affect migration and talent retention, but are determinants of citizens’ global perception of well-being and satisfaction.

Surrounded by mountains, Grenoble is a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts. It is located at the foot of the French Alps and offers easy access to activities such as skiing, hiking and climbing. The natural landscapes are impressive, with valleys, rivers and mountains offering ample opportunities for ecotourism.

Grenoble to become city with best quality of life in 2024 (Shutterstock)

The climate is continental with mountainous influences, as a result Hot summers and cold winters. During the winter months, there is a significant amount of snow, especially in the surrounding highlands.

Grenoble is known as a center of education and research. The university and other institutions of higher education attract students and scholars from all over the world. In addition, the city is an important center for scientific and technological research, with numerous laboratories and research centers.

The transport infrastructure in Grenoble is well developed. The city has an efficient tram and bus system and a public bicycle network. Additionally, its proximity to the Alps makes it easy to get to ski resorts and other areas of natural interest.

A comprehensive approach evaluates the economy, human capital and environment

Its economy is diversified, with a strong presence in sectors such as technology, scientific research and industry. The city is known for its innovation and is often referred to as the “Silicon Valley” of Europe.

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The community in Grenoble is diverse and welcoming. Outdoor activities and cultural events foster a sense of community. In addition, the presence of a large number of students contributes to an active nightlife and a variety of entertainment options.

Being second in the index, and being Canberra is the only non-European city in the top 10, the capital of Australia. The geographic diversity of the rankings highlights that there is no single formula for leading in quality of life.

Bern It ranks third in Switzerland, and the country continues to stand out with two other cities in the rankings: Basel In the fifth place and Zurich Eighth. The latter is also a world leader Technology, Services and Infrastructure. Other cities in the top 10 are also included Bergen In Norway, Luxembourg In Luxembourg, Reykjavik In Iceland, Gent Belgium and Nantes In France.

Luxembourg And its similar capital also stands out in this ranking. The capital of the small European country has demonstrated qualities that promote a high quality of life, such as strong infrastructure and access to cultural sites.

Santiago de Chile It excels in many of these aspects, consolidating itself into a modern, cosmopolitan city with great growth potential.

One of the strong points that stand out in this ranking is attribution “Green Spaces and Leisure”, Santiago benefits greatly from its privileged location at the foot of the majestic Andes Mountains.

Santiago de Chile stands out in South America for its mix of urban life and green spaces (EFE/Alberto Valdés)

These natural areas offer residents and visitors a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing and adventure tourism. The combination of a vibrant metropolis and proximity to nature is a great attraction for those seeking a balance between urban life and connection with the natural environment.

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