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What are the requirements to be a humanitarian parole sponsor in the US? | USA | Trends | uses

What are the requirements to be a humanitarian parole sponsor in the US?  |  USA |  Trends |  uses

Want to know more about what it is and how to access it? In the following article, you will find detailed information including requirements, costs and other relevant aspects that you need to take into account. A large number of people come and go every year America In search of the famous “American Dream”. However, many of them want to come alone and eventually bring family members so they too can live a better life in North America. To facilitate this objective, is Humanitarian paroleIf you are considering bringing a family member to the United States, a special process applicable to some countries may be helpful.

How to Apply for Humanitarian Parole in USA?

Individuals wishing to apply for humanitarian parole must meet a series of requirements, which we describe here:

  • Be citizens of Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela or Haiti.
  • Being outside the United States.
  • Hold a valid and current passport for international travel.
  • Have a sponsor with legal status in the United States that demonstrates they have the ability to provide financial assistance and any other type of support the parolee may need.
  • Pay for your airfare to the US.
  • Compliance with vaccination requirements and other public health requirements set by the US government.


  • Have permanent residence or refugee status or dual citizenship in any other country.
  • Have been ordered removed from the United States within the previous five years or are subject to an inadmissible ban based on a previous removal order.
  • You have irregularly crossed the border into the United States, Mexico, or Panama after January 5, 2023.
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What is Humanitarian Parole?

It is a temporary residence permit issued for urgent humanitarian reasons or significant public interest. With this permit you can enter the US without any problems. It was created to solve the huge crisis at the border due to high demand for illegal crossings. Thus, 30,000 monthly permits are issued to citizens of Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Haiti.

Requirements for humanitarian parole in the United States

In order for the Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) process to begin, the interested party must have a valid passport and be willing to request the participation of the person on humanitarian parole, except for a sponsor in the United States. .

In addition, the sponsor must demonstrate that they have the financial means to sustain their stay for two years. USCIS announced the option for immigrants and parolees who have entered the country to apply for work authorization online through Form I-765.

How long does humanitarian parole last?

Generally temporary gold permit is granted for not more than one year. USCIS will specify the period of time necessary to fulfill the purpose of parole. .

Parole ends in two minutes. Completion depends on which of the following two events occurs first.

  • Expiry date of permit.
  • The beneficiary leaves the United States

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