July 18, 2024

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Westworld HBO: Season 1 Trailer

Westworld HBO: Season 1 Trailer

Maeve (Thandwe Newton) stands in the desert in a scene from the movie Westworld.

screenshot: Youtube

Remember when Westworld third season Most of the fans of the series ended (including io9) kind of shrug off the big “huh” and move on to the rest of the hell that was 2020? The series hopes to make up for your frustration with its fourth season — arriving next month, with the first trailer here today.

Set on the bleak strains of Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day”, it begins the western scene we’ve come to know so well during the early seasons and two—Although, yes, the sleek, ultra-modern cityscape from Season 3 is also worth it. And if the hints in this trailer are to be believed, could this city be a new Delos destination in the making?

This trailer doesn’t give us much in the way of plot. But it does give us a crash course on who’s coming back for more: Thandwe Newton Mayef and Caleb Aaron Paul, and it looks like they’ll be joining as a team this season. Plus Stubbs Luke Hemsworth; Jeffrey Wright Bernard; Charlotte Hill by Tessa Thompson; Angela Sarafian Clementine; William Ed Harris – who appears to be back in Man in Black Mode; And (surprise! Not really… you He knew They’ll find a way to get it back) Dolores Evan Rachel Wood. Also, what did they do with Mayev’s daughter? Season 1’s callback, first episode with all the flies is a nice (and terrifying, too) touch.

Of course, it remains to be seen which version of these people – especially those who aren’t actually people – we’ll really see in Season 4. Never forget Westworld He loves mixing up scenes and flashbacks. Remember season two? If not, now is the time to re-watch, because Westworld Season 4 hits HBO on June 26.

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