December 3, 2023

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Viral TikTok: Venezuelan who lived in Peru for 6 years decides to return to his country and users congratulate him | Viral | Social Networks | Venezuela | trcm | Viral

Full of joy! A new video has been created Viral On TikTok. In this case, the hero of the story A young man decided to return to his country after living in Venezuela for six years Peru.

Of course, since the economic crisis began Venezuela Millions of people leave their land to seek better opportunities in other countries. However, this girl made a difference when she returned.

Drom | Returned to Venezuela after 6 years in Peru

Venezuela was happy to return to his country

According to the pictures shared on the platform, the young woman counted the days to return to her country, because she was very happy to be with her loved ones again, but this time with a business that allows her to be well there.

Subsequently, the story went viral on social networks and netizens did not miss the opportunity to write hundreds of messages congratulating him.

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“The streets are so beautiful, not everyone is motivated”, “Come on, let it be a trend”, “The best trend I’ve seen this year”, “It’s already more beautiful than Peru”, “Guys, let’s support this trend”, were some of the comments.

So far, the clip has crossed 900,000 views on TikTok and the user who posted it is @antonellacaruciii.

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Venezuela Reveals Why You Shouldn’t Borrow In Peru: “It Makes You Friendless”

Trust no one! A new video is going viral TikTok. In this case, the heroine of the story is admittedly a young Venezuelan woman One of the lessons he learned in Peru was that he should not lend money to anyone.

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Of course, she was in our country for a short time, but she learned from our uniqueness. In that sense, Many people here promise to repay the loan on due date, But they suffer when you go to buy them.

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