December 11, 2023

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Venezuelan journalist lands dream job in Uruguay


By Daniela Goncalves

Caracas .- A Venezuelan journalist Decided to go Uruguay In 2014, along with his wife and their 10-month-old son, with the illusion of continuing his business. He Raul Martinez from Caracas

He emigrated willingly to do whatever it took to support his family, but he knew one thing was non-negotiable: giving up his passion for reporting. Difficulty obtaining milk and diapers for her young child prompted Martínez to flee Venezuela at the age of 32. However, theirGetting started in the South is not easy It came well unemployed

And he started working in a factory to meet his house rent and expenses.

Mercosur residency in Uruguay is now free for Venezuelans In an interviewWhistle He explained that he was readyTwo applications : One is “battle” (to get any job) and another professional (with his experienceJournalist and photographer

) “I don’t think there was a medium of communication where I didn’t send a resume. I got spammed. He always did that as homework,” she said. A month after arriving in Uruguay, he found his wifeAndI was expecting a new baby

So while she stayed “fighting,” they decided to return to Venezuela to terminate the pregnancy.

A dream that started on Linkedin After writing to several media outlets asking for a job, in 2015 he wrote to the director at LinkedIn. EFE Company

He told him that if a vacancy opened up in the South Cone, he would be considered. To the surprise of the man from Caracas, he was invited for an interview a month later. “He liked my resume for my audiovisual and photography work,” she added. Newspaper The agency was different from the everyday life he was used to, and adaptation was less complicated for himProfessional experience

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This allowed him to start a career in photography a year later. Copa Sudamericana final in Paraguay, Copa America in Brazil and Protest in Venezuela

At the beginning of Juan Quaido. Plus, he could have been when he won in Argentina in DecemberFootball World Cup

. “I have never seen so many people on the streets. Those were four crazy days, during which I slept very little, but at the same time was very satisfied because it was a historic opportunity,” he recalled.

Uruguay, Spain and the US. The people doing the business are Venezuelans. However, the potential for growth and the challenges to be faced did not stop there, and he assumed the post in September 2022.Director of EFE in Uruguay

. The man from Caracas became, by his account, the first photographer to hold the spot.

“The fact that I know how to write, interview and tell a story helped me a lot,” she said.

I am infinitely grateful to Uruguay” Journalist Raul Martinez graduatedArturo Michelena University

From the state of Carabobo, Uruguay assures their children that they are grateful for many things, such as education and public health. “Raising children is good because it is aStable, safe and peaceful country

. As a Venezuelan, you respect those things,” he said.

Martínez misses the beaches of Ducagas in Falcon, but his next goals are to continue to gain experiences that will allow him to continue preparing, as he does not rule out going to other big representatives of the EFE agency in the future.

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