June 3, 2023

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Venezuela went to a dentist in Peru and ended up in the ICU

The young woman needs blood transfusions daily. Sister asks experts to respond.

A 20-year-old Venezuelan woman is in a coma and fighting for her life at Arzobispo Loyza Hospital after suffering medical negligence at a dental office located in Chorillos, Peru.

According to the victim’s sister, known only as Lady, she went to have a tooth pulled, which started with severe pain she felt from the second day, which she told the dentists who treated her. However, they told him it was normal.

“She came to the clinic to extract the third left molar, but it turns out that it ended in tragedy. She was so swollen that she could not breathe. She notified the doctors from the first day, and they said that it was a normal procedure,” said the woman in a conversation with ATV News.

“From the second day, when she was already sick, she started to swell a lot, which was unusual. She was not breathing, her neck and chest were swollen; she had not eaten for several days. The situation was difficult, even, these doctors had done a drain, a bad procedure, because the drain In time they generalized these bacteria,” he added.

He noted that they spent 30,000 soles for the care of his sister who is still hospitalized in the intensive care unit of Loiza Hospital.

“They are giving her daily blood transfusions. “She has a hemorrhagic condition, so far I have had more than 90 transfusions, blood that I have to pay to the hospital. Obviously, I need donors,” he stressed.

For this reason, he asks the dentists, Erec Espinosa Maldonado and Caleb Mendoza, to be responsible for all costs. Additionally, he averred that the two would be attending a location without an operating license and would not have the specialty to perform these types of dental procedures.

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“The clinic doesn’t have Suzalut’s permits, and the two doctors don’t have the proper specialty to perform the procedure,” Lady’s sister said, “What dentists are saying about the case,” she said.

“They only say they are sad, they want the lady to recover, they want to see the human side, but there is nothing, they don’t answer anything. If I ask them about the medical history of their disappearance, they don’t answer again,” he told the popular portal.

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