July 17, 2024

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*UPDATED* Louisville Football is expecting a strong lineup of recruits this weekend


I finally got the list of official visitors this week, so I wanted to give a brief update.

Jahlil McClain was not initially confirmed but has been spotted in some social media videos from other recruits. I also understand Jamari Johnson will be visiting sometime this weekend. He is scheduled to pay an official visit to Oregon. It’s very important that Jeff Broom and Ryan Wallace find a way to spend time with him. He is a major player in the class. Cardinal authority has also reported that Texas A&M transfer Marquis Groves Killebrew is visiting. A former four-star all-star called Louisville his “hometown.”

Below is an updated list of transfer recruits and high school recruits.

Dillon Johnson – Running Back

Running back Mississippi State had a solid career for the Bulldogs in their raiding offense. He finished the year averaging 70 receiving yards per game while splitting time. Johnson showed great ability to catch the ball as he ran hard.

Jadon Thompson – Wide Receiver

Thompson is a transfer from Cincinnati where he finished the 2022 season as the third leading receiver. Thompson is 6-2/190 and has shown some good speed in the 100 yard back this year. The UofL needs talent and depth in a wide receiver, so Thompson would add a sweet spot as an outside receiver if he joined the team.

Miles Salcher – Defensive Back

I still feel Ron English’s defense, but they seem to be looking for versatile players who can play it safe and nickel. Slusher fits this mold well. He can play deep safety or line up in the slot and also has 9 tackles for loss in his career with some of those coming in as an outside rusher. The Slusher is one of my favorites out of the guys I brought this weekend.

Storm Duck – Back Corner

Duck led UNC in interceptions with three and also broke up nine passes on the season. He has been a playmaker on defense since returning for a touchdown as a true freshman but has struggled with injuries throughout his team. I was very interested in him as an employee and hoped he’d land him at Louisville because his cousin was a Brian Brown star as a cornerback at App State. The duck would be a good veteran addition to the UofL.

Jimmy Calloway – Wide Receiver

I admit I don’t know much about Calloway because he didn’t have many catches in Tennessee. He has good size and claimed a 4.42 forty times as a recruit. As you point out, UofL needs to be deep at the receiver, and using gate to do that isn’t a bad idea.

Tausili Akana – edge


Akana wasn’t on the radar until halftime of yesterday’s bowl game. He is a 4-star 6-4/225 from Utah who decided to give UofL his last official visit before heading to Colorado for a visit. After a bit of digging, it looks like he has some connections with some of the Polynesian players at St. John Bosco and will also play in the Addidas All-American game with a handful of current commitments. I’m not sure if that’s why he visited, but he didn’t have an offer from UofL or Purdue, so that’s all I can think of.

However, could Jeff Brohm hire the linebackers coach he recruited elsewhere? This is a clear possibility. No matter how the connection is made, it would be huge for the UofL to add another top 100 defender.

George Borhn – tight end


Burhenn is a current commitment at Purdue and was a finalist for Mr. Football at Indiana. He is well sized at 6-5/225 and is a good athlete judging by his highlights. I think Burhenn has a few other options he could choose from, but the UofL needs tight ends and might take another high school player instead of using the gate.

* Original mail*

Jeff Broom is hosting his first big visitor weekend as Louisville Football Coach as he kicks off with a solid group of prospects. Brohm will have a mix of current commitments, non-committed high school recruits, and commutes in town for the weekend.

I’ve compiled a list of potential prospects using tweets and reports from recruitment sites, but I’ll update the list if I get more information on the final roster of potential players.

I think the cards may come in with a few new members in the class of 2023 after this weekend.


Stephen Heron – Edge

Herron finished his senior year at Stanford with a strong performance as a fast passer. He had 5.5 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, and PFF credited him with 40 quarterback pressures. The former Trinity star has taken a while to make a huge impact on the Cardinal but has amassed nearly 1,200 snaps at Standford and will bring plenty of experience to any defense.

It’s hard to tell where UofL stands here just because Herron has options but he hasn’t been public about them. His first UofL visit is a great sign and I feel he will be making a commitment soon.

Xavion Thomas – Wide Receiver

The former Louisville commitment is looking for a new home after a stellar season as a punt returner for Mississippi State. Thomas is extremely fast and has shown this year that he can run through contact. He currently ranks fifth in the country in average punt return. I imagine he’s looking for a new home because he couldn’t get many picks on a wide receiver for MSU.

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I was very high ranked with Thomas as an employee and basically lost my mind over Mike’s show when he stopped working. Although he hasn’t been touching as a receiver, his skills as a returner give a good look at what he can do when it comes to creating big plays.

Everyone needs ultra-fast receivers, so I don’t know UofL will have a commitment this weekend, but they should feel good about visiting them a few days after hitting the gate. Familiarity wouldn’t hurt either. Since the cards need a lot of help at the receiver, Thomas may be sold on the opportunity to play right away.

Devin Neal – Defensive Back

The UofL needs another veteran defense to help replace Tre Clark and Kenderick Duncan from a secondary with a strong gap between veterans and young players. Rance Conner’s loss at the gate leaves a nickel spot open and the safety group has only sophomores behind the rookies. Neal will bring a veteran addition as well as a player who can play safe in addition to the nickel.

Neil is from Lexington but wasn’t recruited much because he closed with Baylor so quickly and stuck with them even through a coaching change. He would be a great versatility on the UofL defense and had a solid season this year. Neal finished the year with 41 tackles, two interceptions, two tackles for loss, a sack, and a forced fumble. He did a little bit of everything for the Bears.

Neal only announced an offer from Louisville but he likely has other options. However, returning to his original state with a path to a good playing time should help the cards. I wouldn’t be surprised if he made the call this weekend.

McGraw would be a potential addition of depth out of the gate which is something I would have liked to see personally. UofL and other teams around the country will have some issues with numbers due to players leaving and it would be helpful for them to consider adding some transfers that may just need a fresh start. McGraw has only played 12 snaps at Penn State but he’s 6-5/270 and I’d grab a draft player from high school.

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McGraw was offered both Purdue and the UofL in high school and he paid a visit to Louisville as a recruiter. Familiarity won’t hurt because he’s familiar with the new staff and the school. Lance Taylor extended an offer from Western Michigan but McGraw has not announced any more offers.

Uncommitted recruitment

Dylan Austin Back corner


LSU’s current commitment as a potential recruit has been teased by Aaron Williams and Pierce Clarkson since the summer but didn’t seem to be on the radar for a visit until this week. Austin is one of the top cornerbacks in the country, and his size and speed will be a huge boost for the secondary.

Austin won’t sign until the late period, so the UofL will have time to cultivate their relationship with him. He will also play in the Under Armor All-American Game with Madden Sanker and William Fowles next month.

Edwin Joseph – Athlete


Joseph is making his second visit to campus after reportedly raving about visiting again in November. Louisville appears to be recruiting Joseph as a defensive back but he can play on both sides of the ball. New employees may see him as a real athlete who they can spot as soon as he hits the field. Florida State appears to be the team to beat here with Miami as a potential option for him as well. Auburn also had him visit recently.

Keguan Brown – he runs backwards


Brown is a former Purdue committer who left the class after Jeff Brohm took the UofL job. He didn’t make any more visits as a recruit, so I think there’s a good chance he’ll join the Louisville class after his visit. Brown is a solid back with good pace and speed. He ran for 7,476 yards, 84 touchdowns, and averaged 9.3 yards per carry as a starter for three years playing 6-AA football at Georgia. His numbers and features are sure to make you feel good about him as a guy who could add to the running back room if he were to commit and sign.

committed recruiters

Pierce Clarkson – Quarterback

Stanquan Clark – Linebacker

Madden Sanker – offensive lineman

Luke Burgess – lineman striker

Katurus Hicks – Wide Receiver

William Fowles – Wide Receiver

Adonia Green – Edge

Aaron Williams – Cornerback

Raekwon Adkins – Cornerback

Micah Carter – Defensive end