July 18, 2024

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Twitter is removing the blue check: so you can check yourself in the app | Requirements | Elon Musk | Blue | Account | Social Networks | Deport-play

Twitter is removing the blue check: so you can check yourself in the app |  Requirements |  Elon Musk |  Blue |  Account |  Social Networks |  Deport-play

After acquisition Twitter For entrepreneur Elon Musk’s $44 billion, the microblogging platform has undergone several changes. A few months ago, it was announced that the blue verification badge that identifies celebrity accounts, or “famous” people, would be removed. Now, to check, users need to subscribe to the “Twitter Blue” service and pay a monthly fee.

Previously, account verification was free for all famous users with a certain number of followers and awareness when posting, and this badge was suitable to mitigate phishing, for example: there are many fake accounts with the name and photo of famous athletes. Like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr.

Implementation of this new verification mechanism “Twitter is blue”, priced at $8 a month, was a real headache for Elon Musk and his team, as verified fake accounts of important companies, leaders, government bodies, etc. were instantly created. They published posts. Users believed they were the ones who tweeted it. What would you do to avoid such a situation? You won’t just pay to get a blue check, we’ll explain the new requirements to get this badge from Depor.

These are the new requirements to get a blue check on your Twitter account

  • Security: First, to avoid impersonation, the account must be more than 30 days old, in addition, the user must register a phone number.
  • Active use: Account continuous use is very important, Twitter will inquire if your account has been active for the past 30 days.
  • Full profile: Account must contain name, bio information, profile photo and card.
  • subscription: In compliance with the new requirements, you can now subscribe to Twitter Blue.
  • Remember that there are other colors of checks.
  • Gray check: The social network highlights that it is provided to government or multilateral organizations. Also for state officials, for example: ministries, presidents, cabinet members, etc.
  • Gold check: This is exclusive to “Verified Entities” ie: Corporations, Non-Profit Organizations and Government Organizations that do not qualify for a Gray Check.
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For these reasons you should not chat with someone who has WhatsApp Plus

  • Less security and privacy of the information you share.
  • Although both platforms cover the same functions, WhatsApp Plus You can take advantage of this without being noticed, as users can view deleted messages again “for everyone”.
  • If you’re sending a photo or video with the “View Only Once” feature, it doesn’t make much sense to use it with the “Plus” version client, because it might have enabled that tool for you to view. Your media file at any time you want.
  • WhatsApp Messenger has end-to-end encryption, but content encryption is lost when chatting with a contact using the “Plus” service. Note that the APK does not contain encrypted chats.
  • What are the consequences? Even WhatsApp Plus developers can read, see and hear everything sent.
  • How to know if someone is using WhatsApp Plus? is one of the frequently asked questions, even though it is not clear whether your contact has downloaded the APK, you can start suspecting the following symptoms:
  • Do not read messages or play group voice memos (read receipt).
  • It doesn’t always appear online.
  • The word “writing” or “recording audio” will not appear when replying to you.
  • Download your statuses and post them to your story.