June 27, 2022

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Twins Place Royce Louis on Illinois, mention Jose Miranda

Twins Place Royce Louis on Illinois, mention Jose Miranda

11:24 am: less than 24 hours after replacing it In the list of major leagues with Royce LewisTwins summoned player Jose Miranda To replace Lewis, the team announced. The move gives Miranda another chance to establish himself at the top, although his path to playing time is much less clear.

Promoted for the first time In early MayMiranda got off to a slow start in the majors, scoring .164/.200/.284 triple slashes in 70 trips to the plate. He posted a more powerful .256/.295/.442 streak in 95 board appearances at Triple-A St. Paul, although he hasn’t yet come close to matching the .344/.401/.572 assembled he deployed among St. Paul. Paul W. Double A Wichita in 2021.

9:15 am: Only a day after they were summoned from the palace, Royce Lewis He will be put on the list for a bone bruise in his right knee. The corresponding move seems to be a summons to Jose Miranda, as Betsy Helfand from St. Paul Pioneer Press He says he starts today’s match. Miranda was selected only yesterday when Lewis was called up. Position players can usually only return 10 days after their pick, although there are exceptions for IL positions and double heads. Phil Miller from the Minneapolis Star Tribune It conveys a word from the director Rocco Baldeley That Lewis’ injury doesn’t seem overly serious, it’s just that the team needs every position on the roster for schedule reasons.

On May 20, the Twins kicked off an 18-game streak in 17 days, thanks to Tomorrow’s double header in Detroit. Given that grinding and a number of injuries to the machine, the club currently only has 12 players on the active roster. With this short three-player bench, they can’t afford to use a place on a player that won’t be available, even if it’s only for a few days.

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Dan Hayes from The Athletic He confirms the imminent placement of IL, noting that an upcoming trip to Toronto plays a role as well. she was I mentioned yesterday The club expects that “a small number” of players will not be able to cross the border into Canada due to their unvaccinated status, which could lead to increased team restrictions in the coming days.

Lewis started his MLB career well, but was demoted once Carlos Correa He returned from injury to regain normal short-term duties. After being demoted, he had a little practice on the field and started on the center field for the Twins yesterday before he got injured. In his 12 league matches so far, he has made .300/.317/.550 for 150 in the World Rally Championship.