July 18, 2024

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Trinity Fatu, Ex-WWE’s Naomi, Makes A Surprising Return With IMPACT Wrestling in Chicago – NBC Chicago

Trinity Fatu, Ex-WWE’s Naomi, Makes A Surprising Return With IMPACT Wrestling in Chicago – NBC Chicago

After a notable stint as WWE’s “Naomi” and an appearance on E!’s “Total Divas,” Trinity Fatu surprisingly returned to wrestling for the first time since May 2022.

Formerly the WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion and WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion, Fatu is now back in wrestling with IMPACT Wrestling in Chicago.

With IMPACT, Fatu’s new wrestling name will be “Trinity”.

Fatu speaks out for the first time since sending shockwaves through the wrestling world when she and fellow wrestler Sasha Banks walked out in the middle of a WWE Raw show in Norfolk, Va., in May of last year.

The two wrestlers walked out during taping due to a “creative dispute” surrounding the show being taped and the future of their partnership with WWE.

Trinity’s first appearance will air on the May 4 episode of IMPACT on AXS TV, with its first action tonight against KiLynn King.

As speculation arose in the aftermath of the strike that Trinity might work with wrestling, the surprise return made the occasion even more memorable.

“Going back to wrestling and being with my bag in a place where I feel so welcome and just to have the opportunity and receive all the love, it was so overwhelming. And I really felt it in my heart as I really did. I couldn’t even hide the feelings,” Trinity said of her recent return to Chicago.

Trinity added that her nearly year-long hiatus gave her time to figure things out in a period of rapid change in her life.

“I’d been wrestling for 14 years now, and then one day everything, everything just changed. And I felt like the whole world had turned upside down and things were just being flipped around. It took me a while to process everything and really sort it out. What I want to be,” Trinity said. I’m doing it, where I want to be.”

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She added that she chose IMPACT because of the organization’s history and its position as one of the leading women’s departments.

While the strike in May of last year began a period of rapid change in Trinity’s life, she told NBC5 the experience was for the better.

“I feel like it’s been a blessing in disguise. I feel it’s allowed me to grow and become better in every way, in every aspect. It showed me how strong I really am. And now I have this new journey ahead of me, these new goals, and I’m excited and ready to step into this new chapter.” ,” said Trinity.

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