July 17, 2024

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Three people have been arrested for punching drug students in nightclubs in the United Kingdom

Three people have been arrested for punching drug students in nightclubs in the United Kingdom
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British police announced Friday that they have arrested three suspects who used water to pour drugs on teenagers. It was in the midst of a wave of student witnesses claiming to have been drugged by a puncher while at a disco.

For many years, the practice of introducing a drug into a victim’s drink has been known.


But in recent days, many young women and some men in the UK have reportedly tried to give drugs in bars or clubs with a needle. An event that shook that country.

Of the police Nottinghamshire, In the north of the UK, announced the detention of two men as part of an investigation into similar incidents.

Prisoners aged 18 and 19 are suspected of plotting to use drugs with the intent of harming, harassing or injuring others. This was pointed out by the security forces.

Similarly, in neighboring Lincolnshire, a 35-year-old man was arrested Friday morning on suspicion of possession of drugs and intended to administer them.


Police said they had received 12 complaints of being stabbed with a sharp object in nightclubs since September.

Evidence of this disturbing phenomenon increased after two students from the University of Nottingham condemned it for the first time. They showed needle marks and wounds on the skin.

Zara Owen, a new student at the university, explained that she woke up with vague memories of what happened after the night’s party. He had pain in his back, where he showed a piercing mark.

Sarah Buckle, a second-year student, was taken to hospital by her friends after she fainted at night.

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Later, she realized she had an injury to her hand, which she showed on Channel 4 News.

The British police indicated that they were investigating dozens of such attacks.

Groups of students prepare measures to bypass bars and nightclubs, strengthen security measures at the entrance and ask for the best security for their customers.

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