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This is how Los Maraguchos, the feared gang from the center of Bogotá, commit their crimes

This is how Los Maraguchos, the feared gang from the center of Bogotá, commit their crimes

In mid-2020, Los Maracuchos declared war on gang-run gangs. Drug trafficking in the Santa Fe neighborhood in the center of Bogotá. The organization, made up mostly of Venezuelan citizens, has a serious record in their country and has embarked on a program of extreme violence. In order to exercise criminal control, terror and anxiety must be sown.

Alias ​​Leo, with a notorious history of robbery and drug trafficking, set up an organized structure aimed at uniting the Santa Fe neighborhood in the heart of the Republic’s capital. He started with his men Capture and torture members of other factionsThen to kill them, mutilate them, and make them—in the most extreme case— They have to be thrown in garbage bags in various parts of Bogotá.

The Attorney General’s Office has an account of ten murders This criminal gang will be involved And the attempted murder of a six-year-old girl who was shot three times when three members of the organization forced their way in to attack Jobe, who allegedly belonged to an opposing sect.

On that occasion, the killers – inhumanely – shot dead the person holding the girl in his arms at close range. This single example is a clear example of how the members of this organization, following Leo’s orders, acted with no bitterness.

All illegal businesses must be controlled in the Maracuchos area – the same area where the underworld has been at its peak for decades. Attorney General’s Office intercepts reveal The orders of gang leaders must be obeyed no matter what, and any disobedience is punishable by death.

In this building, located on 24th Street in Caracas, the Los Maracuchos gang carried out torture and murders. – Photo: Google Maps

Same fate for those who betrayed Leo. This is evidenced by the story of Wilrody Rova Dávila, known by the pseudonym Yofran, a Venezuelan citizen who has been part of the organization since its inception and carried out various criminal activities in the center of Bogotá.

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A witness, whose name has been withheld for security reasons, He pointed out that he had firsthand knowledge that Yobran had been detained after receiving it A whisper to the “boss” that he was giving information to another gang.

“There is a man who has been tortured Until they killed him in Santa FeThen they put him in a bag and took him in a cart taken from another one who was recycling (…) Lobo and Leo got the whisper and he informed the rest of the band (…) All this was caused by him whispering with others”, said the witness.

The Yofran building is owned by a man called Otto. It is located at the corner of Calle 24 and Avenida Caracas, which has a lot of traffic at all times of the day. A TransMilenio station is also just steps away.

The area has all kinds of establishments like brothels, bars, restaurants, cafes, recycling centers, hostels and buildings. A human source confirmed that all manner of inhumane acts were carried out inside the building, which appeared abandoned due to broken windows, discarded clothes and bags.

Extortion of sex workers

Because of the “zone of tolerance” in place, the mob wanted to curb sexual exploitation. For this, a quota is set and those who cannot or do not want to pay it are barred from working in the sector, which is dominated by brothels and taverns.

A phone intercept and a statement from two human sources revealed the cold-blooded and brutality with which the gang committed crimes and everything they could control in the area. For this, they demanded one million 200 thousand pesos from each one to “stand in the field”.

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The bag containing Yofran’s body was loaded into a recycler’s truck and then dumped at 26th and 30th Streets. The post-mortem report said strangulation and torture.

One sex workers, Called Brigitte, of Venezuelan descent, fed up with the situation, She looked for her other companions not to allow her to be blackmailed. The news reached the ears of Leo and Lobo, who ordered her murder in revenge for the rebellion and for not giving her what they asked for.

“She is a very beautiful Venezuelan, I know this because on July 1, around 5 o’clock in the afternoon, Chito came, approached me and told me he was coming from Monaco to kill the girl,” he recounted. A witness. The young woman was forced into the vehicle. He was raped and later killed by several members of the organization.

Dispose of bodies as garbage

They were irritated by the presence of police in the area. Leaders of Los Maracuchos They ordered to see what was happening. After intelligence work, it was determined that reports of stolen motorcycles in the neighborhood prompted the agents to follow up.

A man known only by the nickname Sacero was charged with the theft of the motorcycles.. In broad daylight, in the presence of others, the man was detained and moved to a dark corner building. “In a room they tied him up (…) the victim was crying.”

Bogotá officials said members of the 'Los Maraguchos' gang were captured.  Photo: Courtesy of Bogotá's Metropolitan Police.
Bogotá officials said members of the ‘Los Maraguchos’ gang were captured. Photo: Courtesy of Bogotá’s Metropolitan Police. – Photo: Photo: Courtesy of Bogotá’s Metropolitan Police.

The phone conversations of the leaders of the organization reveal that they have no respect for human life. Orders were given to remove the bodies from nearby bags and leave them in a remote area. A communication alter says Leo is in the bag with a corpse Let the garbage truck take it away.

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When your interlocutor asks you to About weight and worker-perceived truth Calling the authorities, Leo could only say, “Everyone is so fat, we don’t have the first dead person.”

Bogotá’s Metropolitan Police indicated that the organization has close ties to the ‘Tren de Aragua’ and has its bases in drug trafficking, production or possession and criminal proceeds reflected in nine murders. , in which five facts related to people who were left in bags on public roads and who showed signs of torture. Four more murders were allegedly committed by hired killers.

Last Friday, ten members of the The organization was sent to prison. In his conclusion, the judicial officer highlights the negligence of this type of action. “Chito and Snow White show no remorse for what they’ve done.”