March 26, 2023

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This is an agreement signed by the government and the opposition in Mexico

According to Freddy Guevara, the unfrozen resources will be managed by the UN.

After the resumption of talks between the two parties, the document has already been published in Mexico with all the points signed by the opposition and the national government.

In the letter they mention that there are seven points signed by the delegates.

This is the second part of the agreement on social security for the Venezuelan people, which also creates a monitoring and verification mechanism.

It is agreed that:

1. The Parties agree to establish a Monitoring and Verification Commission of the Second Part Agreement for the Social Protection of the Venezuelan People (Commission) as a subsidiary mechanism of the Dialogue and Negotiations Schedule (MDN). It consists of five representatives of each party and one observer representative of the Kingdom of Norway, the dialogue and negotiation process (facilitator), which is operated by representatives of the MDN. On the day following the signing of this Annex, the Parties shall notify the Coordinator of the names of their representatives.

2. The members appointed by the Parties to the Commission shall have the greatest facilities and cooperation of State bodies in carrying out their functions. The MDN Commission will verify that it has adequate and sufficient conditions to carry out its functions. It is understood that the Commission cannot in any way become a new venue for negotiation and decision-making. The proceedings of the Commission shall not be public and shall be strictly linked to the functions and responsibilities established in this Annex.

3. The Coordinator shall invite the representatives of the Parties to the first meeting to establish the Commission within seven consecutive days of their appointment. The Commission shall meet regularly once a month at a previously agreed place and time, without prejudice to the fact that it may hold extraordinary meetings as often as may be necessary. Extraordinary meetings may be called by the facilitator at the request of at least three representatives of each party. Its results shall be adopted by consensus of those present.

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4. The functions of the Commission shall be as follows:

A. Receive and analyze all reports related to the implementation of the Second Part Agreement on social matters;

B. Receiving and analyzing execution status and technical, legal and financial documents related to the implementation of the Second Part Agreement on Social Matters;

c. The Commission or its members may monitor and supervise the actions and activities related to the implementation of the Part II Agreement on Social Matters and learn about the respective procedures. For this purpose, MDN will provide relevant evidence.

E. Access monitoring websites with updated information on all processes derived from the Second Part Agreement on Social Matters; And. Inform the MDN about the implementation of the Second Part Agreement on social matters, as well as the development of all processes implemented or implemented in connection with its implementation;

F. Make observations, alerts and recommendations to the MDN to improve and improve the implementation of the Second Part Agreement on social matters as they deem appropriate:

g. Alert MDN if it discovers or becomes aware of irregularities in the implementation of the Second Part Agreement on social matters;

M. Submit quarterly report on all matters within its competence to MDN and any time it deems necessary to make observations, warnings or recommendations in accordance with previous written form.

5. The Commission shall have an operational budget derived from its annual work plan approved by the MDN.

6. To encourage participation in the implementation of the Part II Agreement on Community Matters and as part of the mechanisms agreed in the MOU, MDN will develop a web portal to disseminate information and receive feedback from communities, community organizations. citizens and citizens,

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7. The duration of the Commission shall be the same as that of the implementation of the Second Part Agreement on social matters, including administrative and financial closure processes. If the MDN ceases to function because it has fulfilled its purpose or for any other reason, the Commission shall not cease to function until all the purposes of the Part II Agreement on Social Matters have been fulfilled. Without prejudice to the fact that the MDN decides otherwise, in such event, the Parties agree that their representatives will form a special task force that will replace the functions of the MDN in all matters related to the second implementation.


For his part, Freddy Guevara, one of the opposition representatives, posted on his Twitter account that the deal was covered.

He pointed out that the aim of the talks was to restore democracy and resolve the crisis. After months of work, we reached a social agreement at the negotiating table in Mexico that allows millions of Venezuelans to resolve their issues with UN-managed resources.

“The money will be used to alleviate health, electricity and food crises through UN-managed programmes. Not a single dollar has gone into the regime’s accounts,” the former vice-chancellor said.

The Unitary Platform recognizes freezing of resources and the government accepts that protected resources are managed by the UN. Programs defined by technical groups will be implemented by the UN and monitored by the General Assembly, he said.

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He said, “The documents of the agreement will be public. A verification committee was formed, 10 members + 1 Norwegian representative. This includes tenders and contracts undertaken by the UN, with international standards.

“In parallel, outside of Mexico, the global energy crisis and as an impetus for negotiation, US licenses to Chevron In Venezuela. Our position remains the same: all incentives should be based on tangible results and otherwise modified.

Next steps are electoral conditions and respect for human rights. “As we have reached social agreement, we believe we are finding common ground that will lead us to a Venezuela of justice, freedom, rule of law and coexistence in democracy.”

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