June 7, 2023

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They recruit Venezuelans in Peru to work in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia

After the success of its pilot project in 2022, the NGO is again announcing a plan to connect refugees and migrants with employers in other countries.

Courtesy | This program understands the difficulties of immigrants, especially Venezuelans

The Hias organization launched a new version of its international mobility program, which offers Venezuelans in Peru the opportunity to work in countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.

After the success of its pilot project in 2022, the NGO is again announcing a plan to connect refugees and migrants with employers in other countries.

Michelle Solari, the organization’s program coordinator, highlights that it will “allow them to transition to a new life with citizenship and full rights.”

“This is an opportunity to participate in current job calls in other countries. It could be Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and other countries. If selected,” Solari said.

Hias also makes sure that Latin America’s entrepreneurs recognize that there is talent in Latin America, which is why this type of opportunity is being offered.

Success stories

In July 2022, the organization launched a pilot program with greater participation of immigrants. From a large group, two Venezuelan nationals, one male and one female, were selected by employers in Canada.

Venezuela was chosen by a Canadian company after moving to Peru and learning the bakery business in this country.

“They have secure employment, their immigration documents and their entire family’s documents. The scheme will cover the expenses of traveling with their relatives to another country,” says Solari.

Companion at all times
Kevin Askanova, an expert at Labor Mobility, explains that the program provides comprehensive support from the moment they learn about the program until they enter the interview process.

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He explained that an informative talk is held every Thursday in the months of May, June and July.

Requirements to apply for the program
Sign up for the TalentLift Canada platform and talent beyond borders.
Must have intermediate or conversational level in English.
Possibility to visit these countries with your family (spouse and children up to 22 years).

What documents are required?
As for documents, the program accepts expired documents such as passports or Venezuelan ID cards. Similarly, if you don’t have a Temporary Permit Card (CPP) or Immigration Card, it won’t be a hassle.

“There are no mandatory documents because we go with people as a document requirement,” says Solari.

A profession or trade that is in high demand

According to Kevin Askanova, it depends on the country. “For example, Canada is very much looking for people who want to do software development or a master’s degree or a professional degree. In fields and trades, carpenters and bakers are always needed. Lawyers are needed even in England.

Do you need a business certificate?
This program understands the difficulties of immigrants, especially Venezuelans, who do not have an apostille or document supporting their office.

However, the candidate should be ready to tell everything to the employer in the interview. .

Is the program free throughout the process?
The International Labor Mobility Program for Venezuelans in Peru is completely free. However, those interested should be prepared to be patient.

“This process can take several weeks or months because they involve selection processes and visas. They are not for a short time”, said Michael Solari.

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