December 10, 2023

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They offer a reward to find a Venezuelan who burned his ex-partner alive in Peru

There is an international arrest warrant for the murder of Sergio Tarache. Experts regret that the search for the subject does not begin until six days after the crime.

Sergio Darrach is still a fugitive from justice. The Venezuelan man who burned Catherine Gomez alive in a central square in Lima is being desperately sought by Peruvian authorities as the victim’s family demands justice.

The tragic death of the 18-year-old girl has come as a shock to the brutal and controversial reaction of the police, who took days to issue an arrest warrant despite the attack taking place on Saturday, March 18. An arrest has been made against the assailant, whose whereabouts are unknown.

Now the Interior Ministry is offering a reward of 50,000 feet, or $13,000, for information about his whereabouts and maintains an international arrest warrant against him. But those close to the case warn that the police’s delayed reaction could take its toll.

For Liz Melendez, director of the Flora Tristan Center for Peruvian Women, the authorities’ delay “has no explanation other than neglect and lack of interest in women (…).”

“Also, (the evidence) is the backlash we are observing in the administration, the legislature and the authorities in addressing violence against women,” she noted in an interview. Republic.

“Unfortunately, if this case doesn’t start gaining media attention, it doesn’t get the attention it deserves, because in cases of feminism, the national police and the authorities in general have an obligation to act within the law. It’s called advanced diligence,” Melendez explained.

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In Sergio Daracci’s case, the arrest warrant came six days after the crime; However, “the harassment of this criminal should have been done immediately, he should have been arrested in the context of the deadly delicto,” he said.

Likewise, Melendez asserted that while placing him as a most wanted person was a valid and necessary mechanism, it did not guarantee that he would be caught, and insisted that the entire incident could have been immediately arrested. In the middle of the public road..

On her part, Catherine’s mother Cynthia Manjare urged the authorities to seek justice as, till date, Darachi has not been nabbed.

“My request is that they give justice to my daughter. I want to search everywhere for that man. If you get any information from them, you can go to any police station and file a complaint against that person. Don’t hesitate to do it, you have to pay for what you did to my daughter,” he said.

Apart from that, he asked that the search for the man and the investigation into the details of the crime against his daughter should not be stopped as he did not want to file his case.