December 2, 2023

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They kill ten people in a family for money

Police have already jailed three suspects and are looking for the mastermind.

Hairdresser Elizamar da Silva, 39, and her three children went missing in Brasilia on January 12.

A day later his burnt out car was found with four bodies inside. It was the beginning of a massacre in which six more members of the same family were killed.

Predeceased by husband, Diego Belchier, her father, mother and sister: Marcos Antonio López de Oliveira, Renata Julian Belchier and Gabriela Belchier respectively.

Finally, the trail of Marco Antonio’s ex-wife and the daughters they had in common, Claudia Regina Marques de Oliveira and Ana Beatriz Marques de Oliveira, was lost.

All the victims have already been identified by the central police. Two people from another burnt vehicle, three inside a tank and some of the killers were buried near the house where the killers were said to have kept them.

So far, three suspects are in custody, one of them with burns on his hands. Initial investigations revealed that the killings were carried out for economic reasons.

According to the press, the suspects lived near the hairdresser’s father-in-law, Marcos Antonio López de Oliveira, and would have known that the family had obtained a large sum of money from the sale of two properties and a loan from the bank. Hairdresser.

However, police are still investigating the crime.

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