July 12, 2024

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They have condemned the drugging of a soft drink by a Venezuelan at a school in Peru

They have condemned the drugging of a soft drink by a Venezuelan at a school in Peru

They gave him a drink that consisted of a cocktail of various ingredients.

“It’s a national school, these things happen,” was one officer’s outrageous response to the mother of the minor, a sophomore in high school. He gave drugs to his daughter after drinking the soft drink given to her at leisure.

The incident happened around 5:30 pm at the Miguel Grau Seminario in San Juan de Lurigancho, La República.

The teenager doesn’t remember much, except that while she was in the toilet, a woman approached her and told her that she had been sent a drink.

“He tells her: ‘Girl, look, they sent you this soda, they gave it to you,'” the parent said. Later, Minor points out that he took it up with another partner, but she’s not sure about that because she’s still in shock about what happened.

On arrival at the hospital, doctors confirmed that he had multiple drugs in his system. He is still under observation.

The girl was also known to be a victim of bullying and racism. The principal of the school has not yet decided, despite the insistence of the mother.

The mother said she had to go to school after it was reported that her daughter was receiving medical treatment for intoxication. He did not want to reveal his identity for fear of retaliation.

“They gave him very strong drugs,” he added.

The parents of the 14-year-old minor announced that they would report the incident to the Santa Elizabeth Police Station seeking justice.

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