July 19, 2024

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They executed a Venezuelan taxi driver in Bolivia and put his car up for sale on the marketplace.

They executed a Venezuelan taxi driver in Bolivia and put his car up for sale on the marketplace.

BERNARDO PINILLA PENACitizen A Venezuelan who lived in Boliviawas Brutally murdered Last Monday, June 10, and his body was found in the bushes of the Las Maras neighborhood of Pampa de la Isla Citadel.

Born in Trujillo, Bernardo He worked as a taxi driver and his body was found with his hands tied and marks of violence around his neck.According to attorney Daniel Orduno.

Local newspaper Red Uno pointed out that a forensic examination revealed it His cause of death was asphyxiation due to strangulation.

Pinilla’s car, a Kia Soluto, was recovered by the Directorate of Vehicle Theft Prevention (DEPROV) officials. The vehicle was discovered through a listing on Marketplace, a buy-and-sell site, where it was listed for $5,200.


An Argentine and a Colombian national have also been arrested as suspects

Julian UregoColombian citizen, was He was taken into custody last Tuesday He was accused of involvement in the Venezuelan murder and imprisoned in Palmazola, Bolivia.

The foreigner faces charges Aggravated robbery and murder. He is expected to spend 180 days in jail while investigations continue.

A day earlier, an Argentine national identified as Walter Facundo DL was also sent to jail. For involvement in the sale of the victim’s vehicle.

The hypothesis used by the police is that crime is related Financial debt owed by Walter Facundo Urreco.

Officers They found conversations on the Argentinian’s cell phone with the ColombianHe said that the loan was mentioned in it.

“They have been having conversations since June 12, that is, we discovered the incident on the 11th, one day after the death of this Venezuelan man. Wednesday the 12th andThe Argentinian co-defendant talks to the Colombian, claiming he already has the money.” Attorney Arturo said.