September 23, 2023

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They captured four Venezuelan women with 23 guns, who were about to go to Bogotá

The women were caught thanks to intelligence work and information from a human source cooperating with authorities. Photo: Defense Secretary.

In the last few hours, the Secretariat of Defense and Bogotá Metropolitan Police announced in Cúcuta (Norte de Santander). They arrested and prosecuted four women who were packing 23 guns on a public transport bus bound for the Colombian capital..

According to Major General Eliezer Camacho, commander of the Bogotá Metropolitan Police, the capture, prosecution and confiscation of the armed vessel was possible thanks to intelligence and a human source who cooperated with the authorities.

“These women brought firearms from Venezuela and would be used in criminal activities, mainly in the cities of Bosa and Kennedy to engage in conflict between different criminal groups to capture the proceeds of crime,” explained Major General Camacho.

The four women were placed in the custody of the competent authorities and placed under internal protection measures while the proceedings against them are carried out.

Regarding the operation, Major General Camacho added:

“This is a big blow to the criminal structures that want to affect the capital of the Republic, and thanks to the work we are doing in coordination with the Secretary of Defense, the Prosecutor’s Office, the Investigation Unit, the Intelligence Unit. In this way, we have achieved a downward trend in the city of Bogotá in the current year 2022”.

In turn, Bogotá’s Undersecretary for Security and Coexistence, Alejandro Londono, reflected on the operation in which the women were seized and the weapons seized, which he described as “A very important decision“And these arms were confirmed”They would be used for robberies, murders, extortion and threats against Bogota citizens.”.

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Likewise, he recalled that on July 21, thanks to a joint operation between the Usaquén Local Mayor’s Office and the Bogota Metropolitan Police, two firearms, one blank and one submachine gun, were seized in the area of ​​Santa Cecilia Ata.

Finally, these activities were a “he recalled.It shows the high commitment of the district authorities to protect the life, property and integrity of all Bogotá citizens, and this is shown in the descending statistics we have on murders, thefts and extortions.”.

In other operations, antinarcotics officials made a major seizure in the city of Bogotá: A ton of cocaine, it was discovered thanks to the efforts of Black, a dog trained to detect narcotics.

According to authorities, Black is a dog that is part of the task force of the airport police that, this week, alerted his colleagues to the presence of drugs in a nearby place: a parking lot located in the city of Fontibon and near the El Dorado airport.

Officers arrived after receiving a complaint call to line 167, which said two cargo vehicles from Valle del Cauca were loaded with drugs and headed for Bogotá. More precisely, to the place closest to the airport, where they will try to get her out of the country.

Two tipper lorries were kept at the spot and the dog sniffed and identified the presence of drugs. Uniformed officers searched the vehicles and were shocked to see the amount of cocaine stashed there.

Authorities cautioned that the site had no information about who owned the vehicles, and no one claimed responsibility for the dump trucks stored there.

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Additionally, upon checking them, they realized they were not loaded, which caused a block to appear on the display and determine if the vehicles were, in fact, empty.

“Failing in every test and using all methods of concealment, we are at the forefront of analysis, investigation and implementation of measures aimed at reducing traffic, through this seizure we prevented more than three million doses from reaching consumer markets in the world”, Colonel Julio Ernesto Triana, head of the Prevention Office of the Antinarcotics Directorate in this regard Vergel said.

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