September 23, 2023

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They arrested another Venezuelan for the fire in Ciudad Juárez

A month ago, Carlos Eduardo Colombo Rodriguez woke up from a coma due to an incident at the National Immigration Agency station.

The Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) executed an arrest warrant against the Venezuelan immigrant Carlos Eduardo Colombo Rodríguez, who was accused of starting the island at the National Institute of Immigration (INM) station in Ciudad Juárez, which was the remaining 40. On March 27 Dead People Travel.

The arrest of the Venezuelan citizen was first announced by the journalist Ciro Gomez Leyva through his social networks, however, a few hours later, the apprehension occurred near the Colonial Hotel in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua.

In various videos circulating on social media of the detention of a Venezuelan immigrant, the man, wearing a white T-shirt and white pants, is seen being handcuffed by one agent while another explains the reason for his arrest.

On repeated occasions, Carlos is heard telling the Colombo authorities that he is innocent and that he “didn’t do anything” even though he was charged with murder.

It will be a few days before the legal situation of the young Venezuelan is determined, when it is made available to the Attorney General of the Republic.

After 40 migrants died as a result of a fire at a national immigration facility, state and federal authorities launched related investigations to determine responsibility in response to calls for justice.

Also, in addition to INM officers and guards from a private company who escaped the fire without helping the migrants, at least three Venezuelan citizens were accused of starting the incident by setting fire to mats provided at the immigration station in Ciudad. Juarez.

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Four days after the tragedy, on March 31, a Venezuelan immigrant identified as Jayson “N” was charged with murder and wounding, for which a judge ordered him to be placed in preventive detention.

During the investigation to frame the charges, the Union Public Ministry submitted evidence collected against the migrants, three INM agents and a private security officer.

Regarding the arrest of Venezuela Jayson “N”, Secretary of Defense and Civil Protection (SSCP) Rosa Isela Rodríguez explained that the accused immigrant will be prosecuted in Mexico.

He is one of the victims survivors

The defense secretary explained that a Venezuelan immigrant was among the survivors of the tragedy in Ciudad Juarez, however, his condition was never reported to be critical, which is why he was discharged.

“He was not serious or soft, he was discharged. I can say that this is part of the investigation. The person who set everything on fire was discharged,” noted Rosa Isela Rodríguez.

For his part, the Venezuelan immigrant’s attorney, Jorge Vasquez Campbell, noted that Jason was in “N”‘s bathroom at the time of the fire.

This may have been one of the guards who gave the lighter to the two men from Venezuela and Guatemala.

“The refugees said that the refugee was a person with long hair, so four long-haired refugees died and only three remained. Two long hair intensive treatment, so [Jeison era] The only person who was breathing was left on him”, the legal defender narrated.

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