December 2, 2023

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The wife of the Venezuelan ambassador to Equatorial Guinea has lost contact with her family and a few days ago sent a video of her making threats.

Leila Vanessa Vivas in a video recorded a week ago

“If anything happens to me today, April 16, 2023, my husband, my partner, Nelson Javier Ortega Bonilla, who is Venezuela’s ambassador to Equatorial Guinea and the father of my three children, is responsible.” That is the video Leyla Vanessa Vivas Villamizar, recorded in the bathroom of the embassy, ​​was sent to her family in Venezuela on April 16. This Friday, April 28, after a heated argument and isolation of the woman in Venezuela, they decided to condemn the ambassador who warned him that he had thrown her down the stairs and stolen official documents. They fear the messenger’s threats put women and children at risk.

Family, in conversation infobaeFor several months, the ambassador says he began a secret relationship with another woman, ending his 17-year relationship with the mother of his three children, ages 6, 3 and 2. Ortega Bonilla asks his wife to go back to Venezuela or leave the ambassador’s residence and pay for the hotel. “She had no money and he intended to hide her passport and send her to Venezuela, but without the children,” her family says.

Ambassador Ortega Bonilla on yesterday, Friday, April 28th

In audio recordings of Vivas’ family, discussions are heard as they spoke to her before she stopped communicating, and in written messages, Layla says that Vivas cannot call because her phone charger has malfunctioned due to a software problem. The ambassador says that some time ago, he called the country’s prosecutor’s office, where he will accuse him of injuries and theft of documents.

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“She went in because she had no money or documents to show her and her children’s passports, the children’s birth certificates and proof of common-law marriage, record a video and reveal who she was. She is afraid of kindness, she says she has changed a lot, she is 17 “Who did not recognize the man who lived for years, who threatened him,” he reveals. Ruth Vivas, sister of the ambassador’s wife.

She is recognized as the ambassador’s wife in the passport

She pushed him down the stairs, which we’re pretty sure is a lie, because she has a delicate condition, she suffers from advanced rheumatoid arthritis, she has advanced osteoporosis, and the doctors said her bone structure is a type. An 80-year-old woman has crystalline bones as her medical tests confirm.”

Since the crisis between them began “she neither sleeps nor eats well, her face shows how emaciated and emaciated she is. Her husband wants to take her to the street, and she represents there for a white woman, who cannot even leave the country unaccompanied; she has no way, she has no money.” , Nelson suspended her passport.

“At their official residence in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, she stays calm and tries not to offend him even with her presence. She tries to leave the room but it still gets in his way. My sister wants to go back to her children. As a family, that’s what we want. It is for her to return safely to Venezuela with her children. We are in despair”.

“Nelson checked her in with the embassy staff, gathered all her things and suitcases, her memories, books, notes, wallets, all her belongings, put them in bags and took everything out and exposed her to all the staff. This happened on Friday in front of the embassy and local staff. She was Spanish. She said she was going to the embassy for help and he took her cell phone, but because he couldn’t unlock it, he took out her memory. In addition, he took her laptop and left it where she didn’t know.

The couple has been together for 17 years and has three children.
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A noise is heard as the embassy witnesses the staff that the vivas were not held. He used his status as superior to the staff to show his wife’s vulnerability.

“I told him I was going to report him, and that’s when he started saying she pushed him down the stairs. Nelson took her cell phone and the last message Leela sent was from his cell phone asking her not to tell him anything.

Leela Vivas can be heard speaking in a very low voice on various audios, crying, “I wish I knew this, I wouldn’t have come here because he knows I depend on him, right…”.

The messenger is heard saying to his wife: “Tell your sister I did not threaten you.” And Leela cries again: “No Rudchita, he is not threatening me, stop this and come to an agreement with him and be respected”, suddenly she interrupts and says “You have got a message from your love”.

“I’m honest, I’m afraid of all the threats he’s made to put me in jail,” Ruth Vivas told Infobay.

Nelson Javier Ortega Bonilla has been the Venezuelan Ambassador to Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon and Gabon in Central Africa since January 2019.Prior to that, he was a consultant to Banco del Alba. When retired captain (former) José Gregorio Vilma Mora became governor of Tachira in 2013, he integrated Ortega into his government team, first as head of statistics, then director of planning and development, and finally secretary of production and exports until the end of Vilma. In 2017 in regional government.

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Vilma was appointed Minister of Foreign Trade and International Investment in November 2017, immediately naming Ortega as Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade, a position he held until eight months later when Vilma ran for the National Assembly. Ortega is also the son-in-law of Luis Francisco Bonilla Molina, who was vice minister of education between 2011 and 2013.

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