September 27, 2023

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The Wall Street Journal names Emma Tucker as its new editor

The Wall Street Journal names Emma Tucker as its new editor

Mr. Murray, 56, who had worked at The Journal for nearly 30 years, took over in June 2018 after turmoil escalated in the newsroom. was his predecessor Gerard Baker, a Briton who also worked for the Financial Times and The Times of London before joining The Journal. Baker faced complaints in the newsroom, including accusations by some reporters of going easy on then-President Donald J. Trump.

Staff morale has improved considerably under Mr. Murray, whose tenure included the award-winning 2021 Facebook files series, based on The Internal Document Cache, and other influential works. But he did disagree With the publisher of the magazine, Almar Latour, about the direction of the newspaper and how to increase its subscriber base.

Reports of Ms. Tucker’s possible move to the magazine began circulating months ago at British mediaAlso, last month semaphore, an upstart news site. The company had been looking to replace the editor for at least a year, according to four people familiar with their relationship.

Mr. Murray and Mrs. Tucker declined to be interviewed, and News Corp. refused to make Mr. Thompson available for an interview.

Mr. Murray has frustrated some executives with his skepticism of Hunter Biden laptop story in 2020, according to two people familiar with the internal discussions. (The New York Post, another News Corp publication, heavily promoted the story.)

Mr. Murdoch has also raised concerns that the newsroom is becoming less objective, according to the executives. After the murder of George Floyd, he rose newsroom He petitioned the leadership to make fundamental changes to how the paper covered race and the police.

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People said that caught Mr. Murdoch’s attention. In remarks to an event in early 2021, Kotb convicted “Awaken the faith” and “abolish the culture” as movements that were suffocating society. “This strictly enforced obligation, allegedly aided and abetted by social media, is a limitation of perception,” he said.