July 17, 2024

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The Venezuelan dictatorship has put forward a 40% stake in the oil company for Maduro’s son Nicolasito.

The Venezuelan dictatorship has put forward a 40% stake in the oil company for Maduro’s son Nicolasito.
Nicolasito with his father, dictator Maduro

The Chavista regime gave up 40% of its contribution PetrozamoraA joint effort Venezuela Petroleum Corporationto do Cosmin International GroupThe newly formed company is running Brothers Santiago and Ricardo MoronIdentified by US authorities as A predecessor of the son of Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro.

Until September 2022, this collection of Petrozamora shares corresponded to the Russian company GPB Global Resources. Bloomberg A few days ago it was published that PDVSA had transferred the area seized from the Russians to a company in the Middle East. Although the decision has not been formally announced, Bloomberg said. “Venezuela has awarded a stake in a major oil conglomerate to a small company, GazMin International Group, nearly six months after wresting it from Russian executives, according to people with direct knowledge of the matter,” the U.S. agency detailed.

Now, a source connected to Petroleos de Venezuela has confirmed to Venezuelan media That’s brothers Santiago Jose Moron Hernandez and Ricardo Jose Moron Hernandez are partners in Cosmin International Group.And They will use this company as a pilot to export Petrozamora crude oil to Nainas ABIn Sweden, this allowed Petrozamora to accept Petrozamora crude oil by defrauding the NINAS, OFAC and the company’s creditors.

Pointed out by brothers Santiago and Ricardo Moran Hernandez US Treasury Department as Men before Venezuelan dictator’s son in smuggling gold, gold and other minerals. “The United States is committed to attacking those who facilitate and enable this corrupt regime, while continuing to ignore the well-being of the Venezuelan people. Support, goods or services, or public corruption by high-ranking officials in the Venezuelan government,” US officials condemned.

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According to the Treasury Department, Brothers Maduro Guerra and Morón Hernández are “key figures in Venezuela’s gold industry.”

Santiago Jose is a lawyer and Ricardo Jose, a civil engineer. He worked as a stockbroker and financial agent.

It is not known how his friendship with Nicolás Ernesto Maduro Guerra developed, although most theories suggest that their closeness arose as a result of connections in the state of Julia – although official records expose them as neighbors in the Valle Abajo urbanization of the city. Caracas.

Nicolasito was admitted by the United States in 2019. Then-Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin noted that the dictator “depends on his son Nicolasito and others close to his authoritarian regime to dominate the economy and suppress the Venezuelan people.”

The dictator’s son has taken a seat in the illegitimate Chavista National Assembly, installed by the regime after last year’s rigged parliamentary elections. Earlier, he also served as deputy of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC).

In 2014, when he was 23 years old, a position was created for him as the head of the Corps of Special Inspectors of the Presidency of the Republic. His job is to “monitor” state resources. He became the lead investigator in the Odebrecht case in Venezuela. Despite being the second largest corruption conspiracy after Brazil, not only has there been no progress in the investigation, there have been no convictions.

Since then Began to be a part of the most important events of the reign. That same year, he was appointed coordinator of the National Film School Program, despite having zero knowledge of the subject. Trained in Socioeconomics at the National Experimental Polytechnic University (UNEFA) of the Bolivarian Armed Forces, he was also included in Venezuela’s National Organization of Youth and Children’s Bands and Choirs between 1998 and 2004.

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In addition to being Maduro’s potential heir and successor, “Nicolacito” also represents a fundamental part of the regime’s criminal infrastructure: “It’s part of the family business.”

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