June 4, 2023

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The three zodiac signs with raw horoscopes on October 13, 2022


Today, October 13, 2022, a transit, Gemini, brings us the moon triple Mercury. The energy from this transit, at this point in the year, is so charged that we need to be careful about how we do things.

The pressure to communicate, and how could it be otherwise when we have both Gemini and Mercury in one transit? We’re looking at how radically out of the norm things could happen in a day if we weren’t careful about what we say or do.

Today we run the risk of releasing harsh and unwelcome opinions; We forget that there is more to us than just insisting that we are right. We tend to overestimate our “audience” and we may end up insulting them, or worse, driving them so far away that they leave us behind.

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We investigate how Gemini Moon Train Mercury, when misunderstood, spoils a relationship, friendship and any or all trust between us and anyone we share in our show of unkind words.

However, we don’t necessarily have to go down the road. We don’t have to offend people, and we can just as easily use Gemini’s mercury lunar energy to our advantage…but the thing is…we won’t.