March 22, 2023

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The music video has nods to ARMY & Coldplay – Billboard

The music video has nods to ARMY & Coldplay - Billboard

GeneThe long-awaited single “The Astronaut” has finally arrived.

The BTS Amazing star revealed, nearly five minutes Stonepop Track on Friday (October 28), around the world besides intimacy Music video.

While BTS previously revealed that “astronaut” was co-written by Jin and bad playThe entire song reveals the pitch-size rock sound the British band is known for as the perfect bed for Jane’s steady, relaxed vocals.

While Jin’s previous singles like “Wake Up” and “assimilation” Proven to bring raw emotion to his musical poems, “The Astronaut” is able to capture the same emotional approach to a more upbeat and dynamic pop rock song. If you listen closely, one can hear Chris Martin He seems to align with Jane on some notes.


Watch the latest videos, infographics and news

Watch the latest videos, infographics and news

“Astronaut” video song It lets Jin embrace his actor’s side and tell a warm story about an alien navigating planet Earth, finding moments of admiration and joy throughout the journey, and eventually deciding to call this planet his home. Jin looks cool and cool throughout the visual, which includes the special engraving of his Coldplay assistants and adorable shouts of ARMY if one looks closely.

October is a prime month for Jane’s music. Three of the individual paths of the star It hit streaming services worldwide for the first time on October 21and after the release of “astronaut” on October 28, will give The first performance of the track besides Coldplay Less than 24 hours later the band’s concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Fans can watch the concert at River Plate Stadium in a movie experience with more than 3,500 theaters in more than 70 countries “cinematic” showing.

Prior to this single, all seven BTS members collaborated with Coldplay on the latter’s single “My Universe.” ball music album. Track debut on top hot 100becoming the first Hot 100 No. 1 by two groups each sports team beats a song.