July 17, 2024

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The murder of two Venezuelan teenagers accused of robbery shocks paramilitary forces in Colombia | International

The murder of two Venezuelan teenagers accused of robbery shocks paramilitary forces in Colombia |  International
Pictures from the previous video and when the bodies of the youths were found.

A horrific crime resurfaces Colombia, A country where all kinds of death squads do not stop operating for their worst demons. Even more chaotic is the murder of two Venezuelan teenagers, one of whom is 12 years old and the other 18, a municipality accused of robbery in Thiba Boundary area Dell, who operates various armed groups, shook the community and exposed for the sixteenth time the weakness of the Colombian state. UN to clarify what happened.

According to reports in several videos circulating on local media and social networks, the two young men were charged last Friday with stealing from the public, apparently merchants and clothing and grocery stores. In the pictures they are tied with a kind of adhesive tape. Unfortunately they are very young boys and we do not want to see them lying on the side of the road. They are under our responsibility, so we are going to hand them over to the authorities, ”one of the records asks.

But they were never in the custody of the generals, which ignored the calls of the merchants. Instead, gunmen took them away on motorcycles, according to witnesses. A few hours later, with their bodies tied by hand, the young man was shot in the head and found lying in a pool of blood on the road. The boy was still wearing his red bag and a sign with the word “thieves” around his neck.

The police, who paid 100 million pesos (about 23,000 euros) for information about those responsible, pointed to FARC dissidents (or the police, as the rest of the organized armed groups call military slogans). Colonel Carlos Martinez, commander of the police in Norde de Santander, announced an internal investigation into the soldiers’ response, while the prosecutor’s office appointed a special investigator. Many other voices have emphasized the presence of episodic traits Act as a paramilitary The country has been shut down in the midst of more than half a century of armed conflict.

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“We condemn the murder of a 12 – year – old boy in Norde de Santander, Tibet. We offer our condolences to his family. We urge the authorities to investigate these incidents. Child protectionThe Colombian office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights said. The ombudsman’s office asked officers for “clarity” and “speed”. It was one of the first reactions of the UN as part of a rejection involving several presidential candidates.

“The killing of two young men in Tibet shows a habitual paramilitary violence that has become legalized in many ways. Our main challenge for the future is to reduce two lives: restore regional security and create opportunities for millions of young people,” wrote the Center for Interest in his networks. Alejandro Caviria. “Perforation. The total absence of the state. A community that takes justice into its own hands, a state that does not respect life, a state that does not provide opportunities for women, children and youth. Nothing can justify violence,” said the former mayor of Medellin. Sergio Fazardo. “The killing of these children shows that the government in Tibet is in paramilitary and criminal service,” the Left said. Gustavo Pedro, Leader of the elections for the 2022 elections, he reflected strong images of bodies.

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In the department of Norde de Santander, on the Poros border, more than 2,200 kilometers from Tibet and Venezuela, accumulates 19,000 hectares of cocoa crops – according to UN measurements – and the heart of the Tsarist, forested and hilly region. It is the epicenter of clashes between ELN guerrillas, the remnants of the EPL and a group of criminal groups of dissidents who broke away from the peace process that was sealed five years ago with the FARC. In the nineties, The paramilitaries agreed They killed thousands of farmers and disappeared into the crematoriums. Two years ago, a statement from Human Rights Watch About Human rights violations when asked As cocoa leaf collectors became known, they described in detail how Venezuelan immigrants provided cannon fodder to armed groups.

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C துறcuta, the department’s capital, has come under two attacks in recent months, amid a bad security climate plaguing various parts of Colombia. There, the dissidents a Car bomb against military brigade, And days later they fired The gunfire erupted on the helicopter In it President Evan Duke traveled.

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