July 24, 2024

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The long Fourth of July holiday will be a record-breaking celebration, meteorologists say.

The long Fourth of July holiday will be a record-breaking celebration, meteorologists say.

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On June 25, 2024, travelers pass through Los Angeles International Airport ahead of the July 4 holiday period. The Transportation Security Administration said it screened 2.99 million travelers on June 23, and was expecting to exceed the 3 million travelers mark on Friday, June 28. However, the record was not broken as the TSA said it screened 2.93 million passengers that day.

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in Travel This week’s news: CNN has revealed 10 great American cities worth visiting, but not packed with tourists (yet) as the country gears up for a record-breaking Fourth of July holiday. It also revealed the latest complexities and problems facing transportation as well as a hurricane that you will really like.

Two of the biggest acronyms in the travel industry — TSA and AAA — are sounding the alarm: It’s going to be busy all the time. loooooong July 4th weekend. Like recording busy records.

The Transportation Security Administration said it expects to screen more than 32 million people at U.S. airports from June 27 to July 8. That would be a 5.4% increase from the 2023 Independence Day holiday. “We anticipate this to be the busiest summer on record, with summer travel typically peaking during the Independence Day holiday,” TSA Administrator David Pekoske said in a news release this week, vowing that the agency is prepared for an onslaught of security lines.

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AAA expects 70.9 million Americans to travel 50 miles (80 kilometers) or more from home. More than 85% of those will travel by car. At least the COVID-19 pandemic is just a blip in the rearview mirror. “We expect this Fourth of July week to be the busiest on record with 5.7 million more people traveling than in 2019,” said Paula Tweedall, senior vice president of AAA Travel. Check here for peak traffic times. In Atlanta, Boston, Seattle and other major cities.

In other news from often-crowded venues: Disney announced this week that its Genie+ ride-booking service, which used to help savvy planners avoid long lines, will be put back in the bottle at Disneyland in California and Walt Disney World in Florida: Lightning Lanes. One key difference is that visitors will be able to book up to three attractions seven days in advance if they’re staying at a park hotel. (It’s three days in advance if they’re staying off-site.) Get details here.

If all these crowds huddled together in record summer heat are disgusting, check out Least Visited National Parks in the United States For the escape hatch.

The heat will send a lot of other people to the beach this coming week. And you’ll need somewhere to put all your stuff. Our partners at CNN Underscored, CNN’s own product reviews and recommendations guide, have you covered. Best in Beach Bags & Handbags.

If you love the urban experience but feel like you’ve had enough of snacking in New York City and other crowded, expensive cities, this is the place for you. At CNN Travel, we tapped into our network of nominee contributors to come up with our inaugural list of the city’s best places to visit. Top 10 Cities in America to Visit.

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These cities spread from New England and the South to the interior and the West. They are places where you will often find a small-town atmosphere, lots of character, and plenty to see and do. And it’s easier on the budget.

The list shows that the United States, which was recently named the best country in the world, The best country in the world for tourismfull of communities committed to improving their cities – for themselves and for the people who come to visit.

Transport accidents and errors

We recently saw another instance of disruption as people tried to get from point A to point B.

A power outage resulted Delays and disruptions At one of the UK’s busiest airports. Across the Atlantic in Naples, Florida, a former customs official has pleaded guilty. Stealing money from arriving passengers. In South Korea, flights were disrupted at Incheon International Airport due to balloons launched by North Korea. full of trash.

In distress on the water, the largest cruise ship in the world The fire is on While docked in Mexico. Although it’s a stretch to call a roller coaster “transportation,” we thought you might like it. watch this video From the people who had to get off a classic ride in California after an emergency occurred during the flight.

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