March 26, 2023

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The life of John Poulos, the alleged killer of Valentina Trespalacios


Caracas.- body Colombian DJ Valentina Trespalacios, 23, was found inside a suitcase in a garbage container on January 22. The first suspect in her murder was John Poulos, the young woman’s boyfriend and the last person she was with before she was found dead.

In addition, authorities collected approximately 300 hours of video showing the various locations of the two men between the night of Friday, January 20 and the early hours of Sunday, January 22. In one of them, Poulos can be seen removing the victim’s body into a suitcase from the hotel where he was staying.

According to Miguel Ángel del Rio, a lawyer representing the victim’s family, who spoke to local media. Imprisonment up to 50 years Aggravated femicide and concealment and tampering with evidence for disposing of Trespalacios’ cell phone.

So far, this is what is known about life John Poulos:

  • He is a 33-year-old US citizen and a native of the state of Texas.
  • He is married or married, because it is not known how their relationship is at the moment, and he has three children, because of what family photos on social networks.

John Poulos dismisses Valentina Trespalacios’ accusations against him for his feminism

John Poulos lives in the United States with his wife and three children Photo: Gofundme
  • It also came to light that one of their children was diagnosed with cancer a few years back, for which they collected a lot of money and paid for the child’s expensive treatment. A page for the religious charity Victory of the Lamb described the little one as battling a rare childhood disease.
  • They were living in Wisconsin at the time His son’s case was more serious During this time, Poulos and his family met privately with Paul Davis Ryan, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives at the time.
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  • No more details are known about what his wife will be because her private social networks; Her name is Ashley and is known only as Continues married name. His last message on Twitter was to raise awareness to prevent childhood cancer.
  • He reportedly met Valentina through an application and they had a passionate relationship for over a year. According to the victim’s mother, he would now have gone to Colombia to formalize the relationship Snail news. The plan was to get married and live together in Bogotá.
  • Additionally, Trade Published by A DJ’s friend declared that John Poulos is very jealous of a person and possession.
  • The investigating officers told the press about this week The American hires a private detective because he suspects the well-known DJ is a traitor.
  • According to sources close to the police, who the person is Money to investigate the young woman He discovers that the Colombian woman went on a trip to Aruba with another object, for which John Poulos returns to Bogotá to confront her.

With information from El Comercio, Semana and Noticias Caracol

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