April 2, 2023

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The leader of the Farc Dissident is called “Rogue”.

The operation was carried out by the army and police on Saturday night in an urban area of ​​Dibu, where “Rogue” acted as leaders of urban militants.

Courtesy | “Rogue” directed the urban patrols of the 33rd Front in this town.

The government announced this Sunday that the Colombian General Force has killed the leader of the FARC dissident front operating in Catamboo, in the northeast of the country, known as “Rogue”.

“Alias ​​’Rogue’, leader of FARC dissidents CAR (Remaining Organized Armed Group) E-33 in Dibu, Norte de Santander, has fallen,” Colombian President Ivan Duque said in a message on Twitter. Account.

According to the President, “This criminal aimed to terrorize the public and was neutralized thanks to the joint and coordinated work of our general forces.”

According to Major General Omar Esteban Sepúlveda, the military and police carried out the operation on Saturday night in an urban area of ​​Dibu where the “Roque” urban militias acted as leaders.

According to local media, the man known as “Rogue” directed the urban patrols of the 33rd Front in the city and was captured last Thursday after videos of dissidents wearing camouflage clothing and protesting in front of the municipal mayor circulated. The office of Dibu signifies its control over the territory.

In other municipalities of Catatumbo, other videos circulated of dissident groups or the National Liberation Army (ELN) walking the streets or entering bars and pool halls, greeting and threatening people.

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