June 29, 2022

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The Iranian pilot had photos of the militants and a declaration against Israel on his cell phone

Venezuelan airline pilot
Captain Kolamresa Kasemi is under suspicion of being linked to terrorism Twitter @IranIntl_En

Photos of militants, tanks, and a picture of his youth dressed as a fighter for the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. These are some of the images found on the cell phone of Casemi Gomez, who was isolated by the FBI for alleged links to the pilot of a Venezuelan plane detained in Essex by a court order and to Goods forces, believed to be a terrorist group. By the United States. Joined.

He said the photos, taken on the orders of Federal Judge Federico Villana, link the pilot to Iranian fighters, and include a picture of the Israeli flag with a text on Forsi, a declaration against Israel. Nation A source that knows the contents of the telephone boxes being investigated. The source said “he was very compromised” by the content of the device.

Judge Villana and attorney Cecilia Incardona last week raided the Plaza Central Canning Hotel in Essex, where five Iranians and 14 Venezuelans were staying.

They confiscated 18 cell phones, 5 tablets and 7 laptops. Later, an eye examination was ordered on a Boeing 747 cargo plane, where another tablet and another notebook were found. The hotel’s security cameras were also heard.

With the exception of the Apple iPad tablet seized from the hotel, the first electronic devices were unlocked with keys provided by team members, which no one authenticated on their own.

Gholamreza Ghasemi (pilot) and Mahdi Museli (co-pilot) of Emtrasur’s Boeing 747 aircraft stranded at Ezeiza

Judge Villana handed over the cell phones, tablets, and computers to the city police’s computer crime unit to download. And those files on removable hard drives were handed over to experts by the Anti-Terrorism Investigation Division (DUIA) of the Central Police.

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There, a report was made for each device with a description of its contents. Photos, Whastapp messages and incoming and outgoing calls are analyzed, as well as emails, traces left by browsing various web pages, and the phone’s geolocation. This is a difficult task as most of the content on the phones is in Farsi language. One of DUIA’s translators collaborates with the task of analyzing the contents of devices.

These reports have not yet been submitted to the Villana court and some results were expected orally. It is there to analyze the tablet and notebook found on the plane. Friday last week.

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