July 18, 2024

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The Final Shape is OpenCritic’s best reviewed release of 2024

The Final Shape is OpenCritic’s best reviewed release of 2024

Look, I was hoping the final figure would be a good expansion for Destiny 2 to wrap up a ten-year saga, but I wasn’t expecting it. The reviews are in, and at least so far, Destiny 2’s Final Shape is the best reviewed game/release of the year on opencritictied for this honor on Metacritic. Here’s the breakdown:

Open critic:

  1. Destiny 2 Final Form – 94
  2. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – 93
  3. Palatro – 91
  4. Tekken 8 – 90
  5. Second Abyss – 90
  6. The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered – 90
  7. Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth – 90
  8. Animal Well – 89
  9. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door – 89
  10. Solium Infernum – 88


  1. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – 92
  2. Destiny 2: Final Form – 92
  3. Animal Well – 91
  4. Palatro – 90
  5. The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered – 90
  6. Tekken 8 – 90
  7. Forbidden Horizon West: Complete Edition – 89
  8. Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth – 89
  9. Lorelei and Laser Eyes – 88
  10. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

It has Destiny at #2 on Metacritic’s list because Final Fantasy has more ratings, and it’s harder to maintain a high average with more scores. The difference in scores between the lists is that Metacritic includes some critics OpenCritic does not, for example, get a 46/100 for GamesRD’s The Final Shape, which would likely lower the Metacritic score a few spots to a #1 tie alone. Among the lowest scores, the Xbox Era rating was 7/10 about 36 hours after release which was before the Raid, Final Campaign Mission or Exotic Mission ended as it sought to be the first review scored live.

Of course, full disclosure is my assessment of these averages. I gave it a 10/10, and the last two things I gave that score to were the Phantom Liberty and the Elden Ring in Cyberpunk 2077. So it’s praise. But speaking of Elden Ring, if there’s anything that might come out on top, it might be Shadow of the Erdtree because I mean it’s more than Elden Ring, a game that got a score of 95 in its initial release. I almost expect this to be exactly what happens.

But as far as major AAA titles go? He. She He is The year was a bit lighter compared to last year, and I’d be surprised if we saw as many high-profile games over 90, much less, 92-94 as we see here.

For comparison’s sake, Destiny 2’s critically panned Lightfall expansion received a score of 71 points. The highly acclaimed Witch Queen expansion had an 88. The widely-named “best” expansion before that, Forsaken, had an 82. The base version of Destiny 2 had an 84. So, yeah, this is an area we’ve never seen before in the game It arrives. Most impressive.

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