December 11, 2023

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The energy group releases a roadmap for House Republicans to enhance energy security in the United States

The energy group releases a roadmap for House Republicans to enhance energy security in the United States

Exclusive: Power the Future, a leading group in the energy industry, Publish a report Which she said could serve as a roadmap for energy policy for House Republicans when they take majority control of the chamber next year.

The group, which represents the interests of those working in the energy industry nationwide, outlined 10 policy priorities Republicans should pursue and areas where GOP leadership can conduct oversight and investigations into the Biden administration’s policy-making. Future Power has argued that a comprehensive energy agenda is vital to the rollback President Biden’s climate policies that hindered the development of fossil fuels.

During midterm elections this month, Republicans regained control of the House of Representatives for the first time since early 2019. The win gives GOP members leadership roles on key committees that greenlight legislation and begin oversight of federal agencies.

“Since the beginning of his presidency, Biden has indulged in horrific concerns about climate change at the expense of energy production and American workers and consumers,” the report stated.

Joe Biden hampered the domestic energy industry while pleasing more foreign oil

President Biden has pursued an aggressive climate agenda that prioritizes clean energy development, but restricts fossil fuel production. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

And the report continued: “The results of Biden’s green attack on American energy were catastrophic.” “Since Biden took office, gasoline prices have started to rise steadily, reaching all-time highs…earlier this year at $5.00 a gallon. It was at the beginning of the year, 87 cents higher than this time last year.”

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Among the 10 priorities Power the Future identified in the report, the group is appealing to Republicans to repeal the so-called natural gas tax implemented in the Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act that Biden signed in August. A natural gas tax included in the bill would force energy producers to pay $900 per ton of methane emitted in 2024, $1,200 per ton in 2025 and $1,500 per ton in 2026, increasing total federal revenue by $6.5 billion.

The group is also calling on Republicans to reverse Biden’s direction Stop leasing oil and gasHe described his record in this case as “simply terrible”. While a federal judge overturned the suspension last year, the Biden administration has repeatedly delayed holding indoor rental sales.

Everywhere Biden is looking for lower gas prices — except to boost oil production

Domestic oil production under the Biden administration has remained level at about 12 million barrels per day, more than 1 million barrels below the pre-pandemic level in March 2020, according to federal data.

The report recommended, “Congress should pass legislation ending Biden’s illegal decision to freeze the lease, and demand that any future moratorium must be passed by Congress and signed off by the President.”

“The order should also require a minimum number and geographic width of quarterly oil and gas lease sales, allow “applications for drilling permits” (APDs) to go into effect 30 days after the date of application, and remove federal regulatory authority on fracturing hydraulics. compliance with state regulatory systems.

The Future Authority is also calling for Congress to approve it Keystone XL pipeline Which Biden rescinded, blocking the president’s financial regulations designed to curb fossil fuel production and scrapping a federal rule allowing California to set strict emissions standards. The report states that Republicans should work to end the “litigation and settlement” lawsuits that are incentivizing environmental groups to file lawsuits in an effort to slow energy development.

In its latest four recommendations, the group said the Republican-majority House should ban the Biden administration’s “social cost of carbon” policy that requires agencies to consider carbon emissions when approving programs, allow automatic approvals for natural gas export terminals, and pass a law that states Explicitly states that the Clean Air Act excludes greenhouse gases and protects coal power plants from onerous regulations.

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“If Congress takes these bold and practical steps to stop Biden’s attack on American energy, it can restore hope to energy workers, consumers and the economy,” the report concluded. “There is no doubt that Biden will veto these measures — but at this point, that is not really the point.”

Passing these 10 policies would provide a stark contrast to Biden on energy between two competing visions: one rooted in allowing market participants to produce the cleanest, most reliable, and affordable energy on the planet, versus another vision championed by Biden in states, systems of command and control, and dictates from bureaucrats designed to eliminate fossil fuels and prioritize cronies in the green energy industry – all while making a mockery of the ordinary people who have to suffer the consequences.”

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