September 21, 2023

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The Elden Ring patch fixes Bleed Dogs and mysterious fake walls

The Elden Ring patch fixes Bleed Dogs and mysterious fake walls

FromSoftware has released a new patch for the highly successful and challenging open-world RPG elden ring Tuesday. You can view the long list of patch notes at Bandai Namco websitebut update 1.04 features some major changes: Bleeding dogs that beat their powers are reduced, and the dummy wall is gone.

YouTuber Zullie the Witch test led the patch on Tuesday, finding that Rotten Stray’s overpowered dogs weren’t nearly as challenging as previous incarnations. Before the update, the file Bleeding dogs have a bug Where the game can do massive health damage to your character thanks to a bug associated with the attack animation – a bug that makes Rotten Stray Dogs stronger than some bosses, even. Now, it has been fixed. And we don’t mean “constant,” as in “take them to the vet” consistently either. Witch Zuli Show changes in this video.

Zullie also documented another major change: the file mysterious illusion wall It no longer disappears. In March, players discovered a fake wall in Volcano Manor that vanished when they hit it 50 times. At first, players weren’t sure if the developers were using it to hide secrets, or if it was just a bug. After correction, the wall does not fall off to reveal another room. So it appears that the phantom, but destructible walls were just a clever way for the developers to hide an unwanted room rather than the entrance to bigger secrets.

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