October 1, 2023

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The Division Heartland cinematic trailer introduces Silver Creek and a new villain

Ubisoft and developer Red Storm Entertainment have given us a closer look at… Heartland division by Release a cinematic trailer for the next game in the publisher’s Division Day event. The trailer introduces Silver Creek, the rural town that will serve as the backdrop for the free-to-play game, along with a new villain named Killian Tower who has disavowed Oath and killed his entire team. Players will take control of an agent who tracks the tower to rural America in a quest to find out why their former captain has gone rogue.

The companies have not yet announced when the survival shooter game will be released, but fans can sign up to The official website of the game For a chance to participate (and get five friend invites) in an upcoming closed beta. When the game comes out, it is expected to be available on consoles, PC, and the cloud.

Ubisoft also revealed a roadmap for Section 2 Year 5, which will kick off with the release of Season 1: Broken Wings where players will have to rescue civilians being held hostage. Broken Wings will introduce a new free mode called Descent. Up to four people can play the mode together, though they will have to start out without equipment or any specialization available in the main game. Although Season 1 of the game isn’t available online yet, players can check out the landing status on the public test server starting today.

Finally, Ubisoft announced that the next testing phase for split back The mobile game will take place this summer. The fans can subscription Get a chance to participate now, and those who do will have access to the Joint Task Force’s cosmetic outfit when back launch.

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