July 19, 2024

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The creator of Elden Ring doesn’t really mind if you play Elden Ring in co-op

The creator of Elden Ring doesn’t really mind if you play Elden Ring in co-op

Plus FromSoft is happy to “consider ideas like this in our future games.”

Elden Ring creator Hidetaka Miyazaki is fine with playing Elden Ring in co-op mode – even if you use mods to make friends “from start to finish.”

In an interview with computer gamesFromSoftware President Miyazaki was asked for his thoughts on the modding community’s efforts to tweak Elden Ring’s features, including a Seamless Co-op mode that allows players to cooperate beyond just boss battles.

Miyazaki emphasized that although the team intentionally designed a “casual” system where you can “enter, defeat a boss, or quit”, it does not “oppose or belittle” Tarnished, which prefers to face the horrors of The Lands Between with a friend by their side.

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“It’s definitely not something we’re strongly against or want to belittle, and we want to play the whole game together,” Miyazaki said. “In terms of the situation we were in with Elden Ring, it was simply about wanting a more flexible casual style – join the game, defeat a boss, drop out. It doesn’t put any technical restrictions on the player, it just sort of lets them complete that focus and then Moving forward, so to speak.

“That doesn’t mean we won’t consider other approaches like comprehensive co-op where you and a friend play from start to finish — and it doesn’t mean we won’t consider ideas like this in our future games.”

Elden Ring has now shipped an impressive 25 million units worldwide.

Upon its initial release in February 2022, Elden Ring was an instant hit. In just over two weeks, 12 million copies have been moved, with publisher Bandai Namco and developer FromSoftware describing these sales as “a great start for the new franchise.”

By the time we reached May, sales topped 13.4 million, rising further to 16.6 million by August. A year after its debut in Tarnished, it was revealed that Elden Ring had sold 20 million copies.

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