July 18, 2024

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The case of the death of a Venezuelan migrant who escaped from a hospital in Peru is being investigated by the UN.

The case of the death of a Venezuelan migrant who escaped from a hospital in Peru is being investigated by the UN.

According to the companies, the case “reflects the frequent and widespread practice in Peru of reporting and denouncing women with obstetric emergencies in public and private health services”.

Diana Aleman fell from the third floor of Maria Auxiliatora Hospital after texting her partner. The three organizations are demanding that CEDAW declare the Peruvian government internationally responsible for violence in health services

Three systems are trying to do that Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women The United Nations (CEDAW) declares the international responsibility of the Peruvian government for the death Diana GermanA Venezuelan immigrant In July 2020 and in the midst of a health emergency, Lima tried to escape from the hospital. Incomplete abortion.

“My life, these doctors are going to call Serenasco. You have to help me”, This was the last message he sent to his partner on Messenger. Eudomar Gonzalez. Contacted from another patient’s cell phone, the young woman, an irregular migrant and mother of two daughters, later informed the family that she was so desperate that a nurse had to calm her down.

Diana went to the Maria Auxiliadora Hospital in the southern part of Lima because of severe pain in her abdomen. Although she miscarried, health workers initially refused to see her “Covid-19 Prevention Measures?. Later, they stipulated payment of an amount and purchase of medical supplies.

After many hours and demands were met, she received her obstetric emergency. She was informed that when her uterus heals and recovers, she will be reported. Then, trying to escape through the window, he fell from the third floor and died.

In 2020 alone, when she died, 85 people had been arrested for abortion crimes across the country. Health with a magnifying glass. This number is higher than previous years. Between 2015 and 2020, a total of 435 arrests were recorded; 221 relating to women. The most common age range among those arrested is 18 to 27 years. The specialized portal tried to obtain an interview with the Maria Auxiliatora Hospital, but the Ministry of Health did not approve the request or respond to contact attempts.