August 19, 2022

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Southern Command chief talks about drug trafficking in Venezuela

Southern Command
General Laura Richardson, first woman in charge of the U.S. Southern Command | Photo: EFE

The current chairman of Southern Command Laura J., from the United States. Richardson cited drug trafficking programs in Latin America and highlighted Venezuela. He assured that participation in drug trafficking was operating in all parts of the Maduro regime.

The senior U.S. official expressed his concern about Russia’s close alliances with other Latin Americans with regimes such as Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, and the country’s influence. Infobe.

Democracy vs dictatorial regimes

He compared the political systems of these countries with those of the United States. The official believes that the North American organization emphasizes and encourages compliance with human rights, democracy and the rule of law of equality and equality.

He emphasized that the country was not authorized to sell military equipment and provide military training to countries such as Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua because of these differences, and that there was “undeniable evidence of blatant human rights abuses by government officials.” The regimes of those countries have made no effort to account for the military and law enforcement and human rights violators.

He recalled that donations and sales of U.S. military equipment to partner countries include end-user agreements to ensure accountability and compliance with international law.

He said in his hemisphere, 28 out of 31 countries are democracies, where citizens believe that their military is non-political, accountable to free and fairly elected democratic governments, and the defenders of the universal rights they desire.

“The undemocratic regimes in Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua have not upheld the democratic values ​​and policies that the citizens of the Western Hemisphere strongly support and defend. The regimes that support dictatorships in the hemisphere of like – minded democracies are a minority,” he said of relations between these Latin countries and Russia.

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Drug trafficking in Venezuela

Richardson considered drug trafficking in Venezuela to be “supported by a sophisticated network that guides the logistics, finance, legal, technical, business and operational aspects of their international criminal organization.” That is why, he promised, “participation is active in all areas of the Maduro regime.”

“Corruption is rampant in Venezuela, and the regime is actively involved in drug trafficking and is a haven for regional terrorist groups such as ELN and FARC opponents. Most flights suspected of smuggling drugs into Central America depart from the Venezuelan states bordering Colombia, mainly from Julia.

“The Maduro regime has made no significant effort to oppose illicit drug activity or to pursue suspected drug traffickers, including corrupt officials or those authorized by the US government. Made and charges related to guns.

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