July 24, 2024

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Social Security: Beneficiaries and payment amounts for Tuesday, June 18 | composition

The Social Security Administration (abbreviated as SSA in English), a group of people who have contributed to the federal agency throughout their working lives and are now enjoying pensions will be paid on Tuesday, June 18. If you are among the 68 million beneficiaries, including those with disabilities and survivors, find out whether the deposit and amount are applicable to you as per their retirement age and classification.

This is the second advance for the month of June. SSA paid 7.5 million Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients on May 31 instead of Saturday, June 1. He also made regular payments for that month: those who retired before Monday, June 3, May 1997 received their deposit, and those born on the 12th of any month between the 1st and 10th received their deposit.

Who Will Pay Social Security on June 18, 2024?

Payments are due Tuesday, June 18, according to the Social Security Administration schedule It is designed for those who retired after May 1997 and whose birthday falls between 11th and 20th of any month.. Survivors and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) beneficiaries must also make a deposit.

  • June 18: Paid on the third Wednesday of each month – usually – to retirees after May 1997, born between the 11th and 20th of any month, and SSDI survivors and beneficiaries. however, In June they get paid a day earlier, on Tuesday the 18th, because Wednesday the 19th is a federal holiday for Juneteenth or Liberation Day..

The United States Social Security Administration (SSA) makes a total of 12 payments a year to its 75 million beneficiaries. To do this, it has a calendar with regular dates for each month, which are modified if the payday falls on a weekend or holiday. In those cases, payment is made within one business day.

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2024 Fee Schedule (Photo: SSA)

How much will they pay to retirees on June 18, 2024?

The Social Security Administration The value of deposits or checks varies significantly because they are directly related to retirement age and contributions throughout one’s working life. Below, find the amount for June 2024 by retirement time:

  • Average pay of a retiree: US$1,907.
  • Payment to early retirees at age 62: They earn a maximum of US$2,710 per month.
  • For those who retire at age 67: Your monthly payment could be up to US$3,822.
  • Those who delayed retirement until age 70: They can get a Maximum monthly payment up to US$4,873.

Fees for SSDI beneficiaries in June 2024

Your monthly SSDI benefit amount is based on your average lifetime earnings from Social Security. As stated therein These are the amounts for June 2024:

  • Average Check: US$1,537
  • Maximum charge for 2024: US$3,822
  • People with blindness: US$2,590.
  • Trial work period: US$1,110.

Maximum payment for survivors

There is a limit to the monthly benefits that can be paid to you and other members of your family. The range of the deceased person’s benefit amount is 150% to 180%. By 2024, the Amounts range from US$1,500, US$2,166 and US$2,825 and more.

More information on Social Security

Who Can Receive Social Security Survivor Benefits and How Much?

Social Security documents are one of the last things we think about when a close family member dies. But they are necessary procedures and should be done in time to receive financial assistance in the midst of grief. Therefore, it is important that you know who is entitled to survivor benefits and how much they are entitled to. Did you know that payments are automatic in the United States?

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How are SSA beneficiaries paid?

Beginning March 1, 2013, the law requires that payments to Social Security and SSI beneficiaries be made electronically. The Treasury Department notes that it can only be paid by check with certain exceptions that demonstrate exceptional circumstances. To do this, they must present a .

  • Direct deposit into bank account: It is simple and safe. You need to contact your bank or SSI to get the payment.
  • Direct Express Debit Card Scheme: This is done through Direct Express Card where money is deposited as per schedule. To do this, you must contact the Treasury Department at 1-800-333-1795 or register .

Basic rules you should follow to calculate your pension payment

Retirement in the United States is a process that involves many delays, so you need to know what laws each contributor must follow to avoid delays in receiving your pension payments. Among them: all revenue analysis, proof of income and salary, but there is more.