July 22, 2024

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Social organizations call for indefinite national strike in Peru | news

As the political crisis in Peru intensifies, following the arrest of former president Pedro Castillo, various sectors of society have called for a national day of strike this Tuesday, December 12 and Wednesday, December 13.

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Federative organizations include agriculture, community, farmers’ circles, indigenous or indigenous peoples, agricultural communities, and women’s organizations united in the Agricultural and Rural Front of Peru (FARP).

In this way, the organizations approved an indefinite strike on Tuesday the 13th with the aim of closing the Congress in order to hold new elections under a new patriotic, egalitarian, environmental and pluralistic constitution and a new social contract and new rules of the game.

In the declaration, the federation demands the immediate release of former president Pedro Castillo, who was arrested after he decided to declare his post vacant, while the police detained him on charges of insurrection.

It also seeks the return of all rights to Castillo as long as it does not alter the constitutional order to the extent that Castillo did not commit any conspiracy.

In its text, these organizations declare themselves a people’s revolt against the coup organized by the Congress, the leadership of the armed forces, the mainstream press, the Justice-General Ministry, the real forces or the operators of large groups. Economic power.

The coup tried to nullify our vote, they took the decision to retake the government through a coup, they condemn.

In their speech, they say that the coup d’├ętat was carried out on December 7, 2022, disrupting the constitutional order, which led to the kidnapping of President Pedro Castillo by the Peruvian National Police (CNP), Henri Collzado and his henchmen. .

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