July 12, 2024

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Slack is having problems with notifications, loading threads and channels

If you run into problems with Slack on Thursday, you’re not alone – most of the day, Service Status Page You mentioned that “something isn’t quite right” with messaging, apps, integrations, APIs, and communications. The issues, which appear to affect threads, channels, notifications, and group messaging, have persisted for nearly the entire work day, beginning at 9:40 a.m. ET this morning and were flagged as resolved at around 5:40 p.m.

here in the edge, problems manifested differently to different people; One of my co-workers described Slack as “funny all morning,” noting issues with threads in particular, while another mentioned that their notifications weren’t showing up correctly and threads would load randomly. For me the app sometimes hangs when I try to load a channel, and only allows me to scroll back a certain amount; The app also kicked me out of the threads screen when I was trying to write a response and then only showed threads that were hours old when I came back. Another colleague reported that their threaded screen was completely broken. By evening, things were mostly back to normal.

At about 3 PM ET, Slack noted that it had noticed “a significant improvement in notifications, access to channels/direct messages, saved items and API hyperlinks,” and by 5:03 PM it said it had identified the issue with threads and was doing repair it. The crash page says you should reload Slack if you’re still having problems, using the Command + Shift + R keyboard shortcut on Mac, or Ctrl + Shift + R on Windows and Linux.

While these issues were annoying, they weren’t quite as disruptive as a complete Slack outage. This may be the reason why there is not a lot of talk about this topic on Twitter and why it exists Relatively few reports on Downdetector.com. But no, you don’t imagine things aren’t quite right; Hopefully Slack will sort things out soon.

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Update October 13 5:18 PM ET: Updated to note that Slack is rolling out a fix for the thread screen issue, and has improved notifications and direct messages.

Update October 13, 6:22 PM ET: Updated with instructions on how to reload Slack if you’re still having issues.