July 18, 2024

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Sheryl Hines didn’t expect to be the running mate of Robert F. Kennedy Jr

Sheryl Hines didn’t expect to be the running mate of Robert F. Kennedy Jr

Her father, who worked in construction, and her mother, an assistant in the Department of Revenue, were private about their policies, even if they had any. “If I asked my mother who she voted for, she would tell me that it was nobody’s business and that it was her private secret,” said Mrs. Haynes. “I don’t remember my dad ever talking about politics or current events, so that wasn’t a part of my life. Really, the only thing I knew about the Kennedy family was what I learned in public school, in history.”

After cosmetology school and the University of Central Florida, her first acting job was at Universal Studios, where she performed a shower scene from “Psycho” up to 15 times a day for a live audience. It was the party that involved standing in a flesh-colored bodysuit while a member of the audience stabbed her with a rubber knife.

In her thirties – practically at a certain age In her Hollywood years – Mrs. Hines was still paying her dues: bartender, working as a personal assistant to director and actor Rob Reiner and going to improve classes. Her break came in 1999, when she was cast in Curb Your Enthusiasm. In 2002, the show won its first Emmy and Golden Globe awards.

Ms. Hines recalled being backstage at the Golden Globe Awards and running into Harrison Ford. When he stopped to congratulate her, she reached out and said, “I’m Cheryl Hines. I know who you are,” Harrison Ford said, “and I thought, Oh my God, what?”

She and Mr. Kennedy met in 2006 when they were introduced by Mr. David, an old friend of Mr. Kennedy, at a Ski weekend fundraiser In Banff, Canada, opposite Waterkeeper Alliance, a non-profit environmental organization co-founded by Mr. Kennedy. She had no plans to ski, said Mrs. Haynes, “but next thing you know, we’re on skis and we’re on the ski lift.” “I was looking at Larry like, ‘What’s going on?'” He’s like, “Yeah,” he gives a signal like, “That’s Bobby.” Ms. Haynes said she was aware of Mr. Kennedy’s work as an environmental lawyer, but “I still don’t know much about her policies with everyone.”

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