November 27, 2022

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Sarah Walsh makes ‘divorce’ joke after husband Matt Bushman gives ball number 61 to run on Aaron Judge’s court

Sarah Walsh makes 'divorce' joke after husband Matt Bushman gives ball number 61 to run on Aaron Judge's court
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Fans in Toronto missed the 61st ball in the run at Aaron Judge Stadium on Wednesday night, but blue jays Bullpen coach Matt Buschmann managed to pick it up. To the dismay of his wife, Fox NFL reporter Sarah Walsh, Buschmann gave the ball to New York Yankees individuals rather than selling them.

Judge Homer hits a blue jays pitcher Tim Maesa To tie Roger Maris to the MLS record for one season. The ball just slipped out of the grasp of a few fans in the front row and landed on Jays’ playing field.

That’s when Bushman recovered the valuable souvenir. When Walsh first found out Bushman had the ball in his hands, she joked about her ability to retire.

“The bad news is that here in Florida I am struggling with a hurricane, but the good news is that I can announce my retirement….” Walsh tweeted.

Shortly thereafter, Walsh found out that Bushman had turned the ball around, and she joked about a possible split between the two.

“Fabulous,” Walsh tweeted. “He just brought it back without checking to see if our house is still here? I’d then like to announce our divorce.”

Bushman missed his chance to make some big money in the sports memorabilia market because that was the last game of the season between the Blue Jays and the Yankees.

Judge is now aiming to break Maris’ record in the 62nd home race, with only six matches left to do so. Next is a three-game series with the Baltimore Orioles this weekend.

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