August 19, 2022

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Russia releases satellite images of NATO summit venue

Russia releases satellite images of NATO summit venue
Ifima, the current venue for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Summit / Roscosmos

Russian Federal Space Agency – Roscosmos – Iphema headquarters released satellite images, In Madrid, the summit North Atlantic Treaty Organization – NATO-.

“The NATO summit begins today in Madrid,” he said Western nations will declare Russia their worst enemy.Confirmed the agency on its official channel Telegraph.

He added that representatives of the 30 member states had released the information “because they support Ukrainian nationalists.”

Coordinates of government places

Roscosmos Coordinates shared “maybe” What he considers to be NATO’s “decision centers” are none other than the presidential palaces of the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Belgium. Except for the location of the Pentagon headquarters in the U.S. Department of Defense.

United States: 38.897542, -77.036505.

Russia releases satellite images of NATO summit venue
White House, USA / Roscosmos

United States: 38.870960, -77.055935.

Russia releases satellite images of NATO summit venue
Pentagon / Roscosmos

United Kingdom: 51.503049, -0.127727.

Downing Street, UK / Roscosmos

France: 48.870433, 2.316842.

Russia releases satellite images of NATO summit venue
Faubourg-Saint-Honoré Street, France / Roscosmos

Germany: 52.519903, 13.368921.

German Federal Chancellor, Bundeskanzleramt / Roscosmos

Belgium: 50.879986, 4.425771.

Haran, Brussels / Roscosmos

NATO will increase its presence

NATO Will increase its presence in the vicinity of Russia The merger of Finland and Sweden and the military reinforcement in the Baltic Sea concludes their summit in Madrid, AFP news agency reported.

“At a time when Putin is blowing up peace in Europe and attacking the most essential principles of the rule-based international order, the United States and our allies are going to stand strong,” said US President Joe Biden.

With two new U.S. naval destroyers at the Rota base, four to six will be deployed in Spain to Poland, Romania, the Baltic states, the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy.

“If Putin was expected to have less NATO in the east as a result of the illegal and unwanted invasion of Ukraine, he was wrong. It will still have NATO,” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned on arrival.

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Russia retaliated. Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Rybkov Condemnation of the “aggression” of the organization And said the merger of the two Nordic countries was “deep instability”.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky intervened via video conference at a meeting of Allied leaders and government, asking for more help. “We need very modern systems, modern artillery,” he said.

“Russia receives billions every day and spends them on war. We have a multi-million dollar deficit and we have no oil or gasoline to cover it, ”Zhelensky added.

The president also pointed out that Ukraine needs about $ 5,000 million a month for security.

Russia is more surrounded than ever

Finland’s integration and its 1,300 km land border with Russia will double NATO’s territorial limits with this country. Now, Russia is bordered by six allies: Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland – both for the Kaliningrad region – and Norway.

The inclusion of these countries is possible Turkey removes its veto In exchange for stopping the protection of Kurdish separatists whom these countries consider terrorists.

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