July 22, 2024

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Russia launches new attacks on Kyiv and other major Ukrainian cities | Europe | T.W.

Russia launches new attacks on Kyiv and other major Ukrainian cities |  Europe |  T.W.

“First reports indicate that Ukrainian air defense shot down two cruise missiles over the city of Kiev on the morning of November 17,” the military administration of the Ukrainian capital announced this Thursday (11.17.2022), noting that it did not. Contains “up-to-the-moment data on casualties or damage caused by the Russian attack”.

Other Ukrainian media such as Ukrainian PravdaHe confirmed that anti-aircraft sirens had sounded across Ukraine this morning, except for Crimea, and that explosions had also occurred on cue in the country’s fourth city, Dnipro, south of the capital.

In the latter city, the capital of Dnipropetrovsk region, two facilities were damaged as a result of a Russian missile attack.

“Russian terrorists have launched a new attack in Dnipro. Two infrastructure facilities have been attacked,” Kyrillo Tymoshenko, deputy head of Ukraine’s presidential office, confirmed on his Telegram account.

It has already started snowing in Kiev, and much of the population has no heat or running water.

“Initial reports indicate that one person has been injured. Emergency services are working to mitigate the effects of the attack,” he said.

Russian forces this morning attacked electrical infrastructure in the Odesa region, in the country’s southwest and on the Black Sea coast.

The new incidents came two days after Russia launched more than 90 missiles on February 24, its biggest airstrike against Ukraine’s energy infrastructure since the start of the war.

On October 10, Russia fired more than 80 missiles in its first major attack against a power grid in response to the destruction of the Crimean bridge.

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The attack is mainly against energy infrastructure in Ukraine, which has left the country with severe electricity and gas restrictions on the brink of winter.

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