July 18, 2024

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Russia at the UN: Today we see the information war against our country on social media | News

Vasili Nebenzia, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations (UN), condemned the devastation of her country’s alleged casualties from an information war in the framework of this Sunday’s session of the multilateral Security Council. From the Russian military to Ukrainian civilian infrastructure.

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The Russian and Ukrainian delegations will meet in eastern Belarus

“Today we see an information war on Russia on social media. There is no evidence that the Russian military has destroyed civilian infrastructure.

He recalled that in Nebenzia, digital platforms were also known for falsifying information in all areas, including the military, adding that “in total, there are 1.2 million such falsifications on Ukrainian social networks.”

“I urge our colleagues (at the UN Security Council) not to spread such misinformation, yet I fear that my calls will not be heeded,” Nebenzia stressed.

At the same time, the Russian envoy to the multi-stakeholder organization recalled his country’s support for peace in Ukraine and labeled Kiev’s announcement of the supply of weapons to the public as “dangerous, as extremists and criminals in the arms supply have been released. From prisons, those weapons are already in the hands of thieves and robbers.” He added.

“The Russian military is not a threat to the peaceful citizens of Ukraine, it is not firing on peaceful establishments. In fact, the Ukrainian nationalists who are holding the Ukrainian people hostage pose a threat.

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Following reports that the two Russian and Ukrainian governments will meet in eastern Belarus, Russian diplomats have arrived in Kiev to resolve a four-day crisis.

The head of the Russian delegation Vladimir Medinsky announced on Saturday that the Ukrainian side had agreed to come to Belarus on Sunday for talks between the two countries.