June 29, 2022

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Rodrigo Chavez elected President of Costa Rica | News

Rodrigo Chavez, the candidate of the Social Democratic Progressive Party, ran against the liberal Jose Maria Figueroa in the second round this Sunday and was elected the new president of Costa Rica.

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According to the Supreme Election Tribunal (TSE), Chavez received 999,382 (equivalent to 52.86 per cent) while 95.93 per cent of the boards were processed, while Figueroa received 891,403 votes (47.14 per cent).

On election day, turnout was 57.33 percent and the voter turnout was 42.86 percent. In addition, 1,890,785 valid votes were cast, as well as 50,014 invalid and blank votes cast, which received 1,940,799 votes.

After the results were announced, Chavez congratulated candidate Ficious on accepting the results and invited him to work alongside the new government, saying, “I thank Jose Maria Ficious and all the people who voted for him and asked him to work together to make the miracle of Costa Rica possible. He added.

“We are in the best democracies in the world (…) and I must respect my leadership with transparency, efficiency and austerity, but I understand that we must be in solidarity with the most vulnerable people in our country,” the elected president said.

Chavez stressed that the joint work had already begun to comply with his government’s plan and that the Central American country was beginning to fight the issues that would affect it, “I consider the commitment to form a democratic government with a dialogue that respects the values ​​of the Constitution, the law and the Costa Rican.”

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“We have set an example and must now do our part. It is not worth missing out on Costa Rica (…) I humbly accept this decision of the people of Costa Rica. Chaos said.

Figueroa acknowledged his defeat and thanked the TSE, saying, “I still think Costa Rica is experiencing a deep crisis and our country is in a state of emergency. We have all the means to recover Costa Rica and move forward.” .

Similarly, the outgoing president, Carlos Alvarado, congratulated Chavez on his victory and expressed his desire to carry out the merger process with the new government.

“I extend my congratulations to President-elect Rodrigo Chavez on his mission as the 49th President of Costa Rica, and for his commitment to orderly change. Congratulations to Costa Rica on New Democracy Day!”, He added to Alvarado.

Within the framework of the day, Zamora thanked the citizens who participated in the Democratic Party and TSE officials, saying, “Tonight we deserve respect and brotherhood, respect for the court and a majority decision, and a fraternal attitude. We want the best for the country, even if others think differently.”

“On Tuesday, April 5, the final count will begin by the magistrates of the court in the presence of party lawyers. This electoral process will end when we release the official results,” the TSE leader pointed out.

“Today we have elected the new president of the republic and we have organized it in accordance with the rules of peace, freedom and elections. We have a country where citizens can organize themselves into political parties,” said the head of TSE.

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Finally, Eugenia Zamora acknowledged the Costa Rican decisions and called for the continued development of the country, saying “the government will be accepted by one elected by the majority, and we have passed it.”