July 18, 2024

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Putin says Western nations have failed in the economic war against President Russia News

President Vladimir Putin has said that the West has failed to organize a Blitzkrieg economic war against Russia, tearing off all the masks of dignity and beginning to act rudely, showing its true nature.

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The Russian Foreign Minister points out that the agreement with Ukraine is close

During a televised meeting with officials in the Kremlin, the president assured that the move was “in accordance with pre-established plans” and reiterated that the attack was an attempt to prevent “ethnic cleansing” of Russian-speaking areas.

Russia’s special operation in Ukraine has been successful, while the Russian military has been doing everything possible to prevent civilian casualties, Putin said.

“As for the tactics of military action developed by the Russian Ministry of Defense and our public servants, they have fully justified themselves,” he said.

Putin called on the “Kiev authorities” to withdraw their troops from the Donbass in various ways, in order to avoid meaningless bloodshed; They don’t want to do that.

He compared the current struggle against all Russian affairs abroad to the anti-Semitic massacres in Nazi Germany.

“All the verbal tingles about political honesty, personal property infringement, freedom of expression: they all disappeared overnight, even the Olympic principles were trampled on, they did not hesitate to settle accounts with the Paralympic athletes, it was a sport on the outside. Politics.”

“In many Western countries, people are subjected to real persecution because they belong to Russia, they are denied health care, children are expelled from school, their parents lose their jobs, music, culture and entertainment are banned. Russian literature,” Putin listed.

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“In direct analogy with the anti-Semitic massacres perpetrated by the Nazis in Germany in the 30s of the last century, and their allies from many European countries who later joined Hitler’s occupation of our country during the Great Patriotic War,” he described.

“If Russian troops had operated only on the Donbas, it would not have led to the elimination of the threat, and a new front line would have been established there,” the head of state said, pointing out that Western powers were “pushing”. Kyiv officials are shedding blood by providing weapons and mercenaries ”.