July 18, 2024

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Pro Apex Legends player backtracks on $2M Global Series splinter opponent’s shooting

Pro Apex Legends player backtracks on M Global Series splinter opponent’s shooting

Professional player Philip “ImperialHal” Dosen made headlines this weekend after he stopped shooting an opponent in a competitive match when he realized the enemy player had been fired.

As spotted by Apex Legends Intel, ImperialHal was competing in the Apex Legends Global Series 2022 – a tournament worth up to $2 million – when he spied a lone player away. After observing them for a few seconds, he told his TSM teammates, “Don’t shoot him. Don’t shoot him, brother! He crashed.”

You can watch the full exchange in the tweet below:

Soon after with his teammates, Dosen again insisted that they shouldn’t clash: “It cost him 100 percent or a crash or something. Don’t shoot them – it’s Scarz.”

After fans and competitors alike praised him for his sportsmanship on Twitter, Dosen replied“It’s the least that every player here can do with these issues.”

The team didn’t suffer from that little act of kindness either; TSM and Scarz both hit the heat of the day.

In related news, we reported earlier today about it Respawn has a new single-player FPS set in the world of Apex Legends in early development.

Known only as the “Apex Universe FPS Incubation Title”, the game is clearly in its very early stages, but the team is already looking to bring a group of new developers into what appears to be a solo shooter that will be a “brand new” re-release of the single-player adventure. .

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What’s particularly interesting is that Respawn specifically calls it the Apex Legend universe rather than Titanfall, since Titanfall came first and a large portion of Apex is affected by it. Is it a game that will focus only on Apex Legends locations, legends, and lore? Or could Titanfall 3 be dressed up as something else to keep us from smelling? All we can do is watch this space now.