July 24, 2024

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Pokémon GO won’t let some players attend its birthday party

Pokémon GO won’t let some players attend its birthday party

The mobile phone game was a huge success Pokemon Go never make mistake a an opportunity to Make a inexplicably Horrible resolutionIts latest release coincides with the game’s eighth birthday celebration, as it made a strange decision to refuse to allow access to the game for old players who completed a specific mission in 2020.

every year, Pogo It celebrates its anniversary with some in-game events, some free and some premium. In 2024, “Pokemon Go“‘s 8th Anniversary Party” offers a host of features, including a way to encounter Meltan without a Mystery Chest, a bunch of recycled monsters wearing party hats, some standard timed quests (both free and paid), and the main feature, a $5 cool quest. It’s called Whispers in the Woods featuring the brilliant Celebi. (Oh, and in a choice that seems very off-the-nose, the only new Pokemon to get a party hat this year are Grimer and Muk.)

Whispers in the Woods is a new, very long quest that will end with players obtaining one of the best Pokémon to hunt, the shiny Celebi. But along the way, it also offers 153 awesome Ultra Balls, three Super Incubators, a Poffin, some rare candies, lure units, TMs, Battle Passes, a load of XP and Stardust, and much more. Even leaving Celebi aside, this is a huge collection of in-game items for five bucks. Incubators alone usually cost you more.

What makes the discovery even more surprising is that anyone who happened to complete the special search distracted by something shiny in 2020 is not allowed to participate. The option to get a ticket is grayed out in the store, with the unhelpful message, “You already have a ticket for this event, or you have an active or completed search that denies you the ability to purchase this ticket.”

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Visit Blog for the eventand you are informed in a footnote,

Trainers who have completed the special quest story “Distracted by Something Shiny” will not be able to purchase this awesome quest story.

There’s no specific reason, and we haven’t heard back yet from Niantic when asked why. Now, it probably has something to do with… Legendary Pokemon from Generation 2 Being a special and unique creature, and not one of many like it, like Pikachu or Charizard. But that’s already been completely undermined by allowing players to have both a regular and a shiny version of the monster, so what do you know?

Complaining about not being able to give Niantic another five dollars at the time Pogo The game has been allowed to get so bad, this may seem a bit strange, but that’s because it only exacerbates the frustrations. There aren’t a lot of substantive things to do in the game lately, and minor events that appear that were previously free are now paid, while recent artifacts have been so unimaginably massive that they’re unmanageable. (For example, Glimmers of Gratitude requires you to catch 492 Pokémon from… all Of the first four regions, in order to The first stage of seven.)

Whispers In The Woods will finally be a more manageable event to enjoy, with awesome Pokémon at the end (and the chance to catch a shiny Celebi with better stats than you’ve received before), and several very useful in-game items for a relatively cheap price. Denying access to those committed to the game enough to play for more than four years is an incredibly stupid decision, and one that’s even more troubling given that it would be worth buying even if Celebi is ultimately rejected.

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As mentioned, we reached out to Niantic to ask them about the latest developments. Meanwhile, veteran players enjoy hunting Muk with a hat.